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We looked back at their entire discography and picked the best song from each of their twelve studio albums. Throughout their career, even. The top five best albums by legendary thrash band Slayer, from Reign and “ Crypts Of Eternity” rank as some of their finest moments to date. Slayer members have admitted in interviews that a lot of what they do is “just to piss They were accused of Antisemitism for the now classic thrash metal song Slayer can open a lot of eyes if you actually listen, it is not simply down to good vs evil, god vs Satan, dark vs light. Is this answer still relevant and up to date?.

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Any payment transactions will be encrypted. Rust In Peace is the most incongruous album in the mighty Deth's catalog. It's not as pop as Countdown to Extinction, and it's not nearly as catchy as Peace Sells But what Rust does have going for it is a solid story, a tale of nuclear destruction, shattered dreams, and a tyrannical government. Anyone who was surprised by Dave Mustaine's latter-day right turn probably never read the lyrics to Rust with a clear head.

With Painkiller, the demons came screeching out, wired to the gills on hellcrafted crank. Not to let the younger crop of speedy and thrashier neophytes like Slayer and Metallica just charge in and run the place, Priest turned it up to y'know, twelve with its frantic technicality and the sheer scale of Rob Halford's range.

While the newbies grew and moved forward to dominate the metal landscape, this was Priest's last stand. The band dumbed itself down to mere fogie cash cow, even after Halford's eventual return. So this is the boys from Birmingham's last monument to the genre they helped build. And it is glorious. Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Iron Maiden's most beloved songs come from other albums, but Piece of Mind is the best start-to-finish work in their catalog. Every track is a perfect blend of galloping heavy metal and extremely catchy choruses, with "The Trooper" possessing arguably the most memorable guitar solos in the group's body of work.

At The Gates Slaughter of the Soul Sweden's At The Gates dropped a bomb on metal in , in the form of Slaughter of the Soul, which pioneered the so-called "Gothenburg sound," syncretizing elements of thrash, death metal and New Wave of British Heavy Metal -- long before syncretic metal was cool.

The album features melodic guitar lines, furious double bass drumming, and breakdowns that would influence a generation of bands straddling the line between hardcore and metal. Oh and don't forget the rabid, tortured vocals of high school social studies teacher yes, really Tomas Lindberg.

Metallica's statement is generally regarded by knowing and trustworthy metalheads as the best Metallica slab to date. The album's eight tracks are virtually fat-free, and the damned thing even comes with an eight-minute instrumental cut "Orion" foretelling two to three generations of heavy metal to come.

It's not only a good bedroom jam just put in on repeat but the San Francisco boys at their most surly and burly too. If you ask me, your favorite track should be "Leper Messiah. With new bassist Justin Chancellor aboard, they uncoiled with paranormal, exhilarating abandon: Sleep Holy Mountain If you are going to name your record after one of the trippiest films of all time, you have to be prepared to deliver a seriously mind-altering experience.

San Jose stoner metal pioneers Sleep rose to the challenge on their genre masterpiece, Sleep's Holy Mountain. The colossal riffage begins with the deceptively groovy "Dragonaut" and from there on out one's ears are offered only the briefest of respites. When Sleep chooses to turn the volume down, as on the 48 second bluegrass interval titled "Some Grass," it is only to prepare the listener for the next pummeling assault.

Black Sabbath Master of Reality Black Sabbath deliberately down-tuned for their third effort, Master of Reality, which would become the very ore from which all gloomy, doomy and drudgy metal is mined. Crafted for altered mindstates, this is the band at their stoniest.

Prickly critics of the time notably Bangs and Christgau failed to see this as the one of ghosts of metal future, despite the act's forward-thinking techniques and fiercely honest outsider attitude.

And, yes, there is even cowbell. Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Fittingly released on Friday the 13th, Black Sabbath's eponymous debut spawned heavy metal as we know it.

Brooding, satanic, and deeply bluesy, Black Sabbath contains some of the group's best and darkest material. The title track in particular, which incorporates a dirging tri-tone interval, church bells, and Ozzy Ozbournes's impassioned, damnable wailing, is frightening even by today's standards.

While the Ozzman's harmonica work on "The Wizard" may have aged less gracefully, the album remains unstoppably heavy, an unparalleled classic.

Opeth Blackwater Park There are other bands who balance abrasive death metal and melodic progressive-rock influences, but none do it as well as Sweden's Opeth, and Blackwater Park was the moment in their year career when they reached the pinnacle of this blend.

On songs such as "Bleak" and "The Drapery Falls," band leader Mikael Akerfeldt alternates between throat-shredding death vocals and soothingly-clean croons, with the music hitting similar peaks and valleys. Each is delivered masterfully. Singer and bass player Lemmy declares, "I don't want to live forever," and his boozing and pill-popping makes for a convincing case.

6 Reasons Why Slayer’s Reign In Blood Is Not The Greatest Thrash Album Of All Time

Bandet genindspillede sange af Minor Threat , T. Jeg tjente ikke nogen penge. While the Ozzman's harmonica work on "The Wizard" may have aged less gracefully, the album remains unstoppably heavy, an unparalleled classic. Here, then, are our picks for the 20 greatest metal albums, as chosen by the Weekly's metal writers.

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