Who is daisy delahoya dating

who is daisy delahoya dating

Sep 20, We all watched Daisy pick London on Daisy of Love's finale, leaving Flex as the runner up. Daisy blogged on 09/18/09 about her update with London, and . Tags: Daisy and London Update, Daisy De La Hoya, Daisy De. Feb 12, Daisy de la Hoya stole America's hearts on the second season of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. . Tubi TV! It has all of the vh1 dating shows. Aug 7, VH1 reality star Daisy de la Hoya was rushed to the hospital of Love,” here are the details on the latest lady to get her own dating show.

who is daisy delahoya dating

Who is daisy delahoya dating - Dating History

That was my first television show I ever did so I just sorta went with the flow. You ended up getting your own solo show Daisy of Love, what was that experience like? I felt very grateful and extremely lucky and really excited and just on top of the world. It was definitely you know scary and stressful. Did the show feel real? Did you feel like you were pushed to behave a way?

For me as an aspiring actress and someone who aspires to be in the entertainment business I have been lucky enough to have a taste of it. I just went with whatever they wanted me to do. All the feelings and all those things were documented genuinely because I let myself go like that and I let myself do that because I wanted to create something authentic.

How authentic were your feelings for Bret then? At that moment in time they were authentic but that was also my job. Did it go any further than what it is?

You know I had to separate the two. You gotta separate the reality from the TV show. Did you feel like other women there were really falling for Bret? I have no idea. You never know though..

I had very high hopes. I flew Josh out for a few days.. I was totally scared that after these three days of take out food, movies and a lot of cigarettes… we would hate each other and that would be that!! But it proved to be quite the opposite.. Those were for some odd reason the greatest three days with a guy I had ever spent. And just re affirmed to me that this guy could be my all.

What Im about to say is very delicate.. But apart of a real reality in my life now. After Josh flew back home.. I very shortly learned that he had a pregnant girlfriend!! Or at least in this case thats how it seems, right? I immediately wanted to call it off. I felt used, betrayed.. But he insisted that he was in love and that he would do anything to make it work. Let me tell you the funny thing about love… you know when you see your best girlfriend, or bro..

All logic goes out the window. Because love is irrational. Now some might say.. Love is all, happy, joy, crazy, silly,… pain, sorrow.. And thats the beautiful thing about it. So I believed what he was telling me… or at least I wanted to believe. The last five months for me have not been easy…. I have stood by this guy, in hopes that what he says is the truth. Why you might ask? Nothing in life is easy, in fact anything worth fighting for is gonna be hard. Dropout fails to impress Daisy and she thinks that he is trying too hard to act cool.

After the party, Daisy gathers the men together, telling them that she knows who is there for her. She sends the triplets '84, '85, and '86 packing before the elimination ceremony saying that she thought they were awesome, but that she is serious about finding love and will not share men or be shared by men. Riki invites them to take home with them all the food they can carry.

Although the rest of the men think they are safe, Daisy tells them that two more people still have to go. After London and Weasel fall asleep, the guys decide to sabotage Weasel by drawing on his face.

They are then gathered in the elimination room as Daisy gives chains one by one to the guys and asks them if they "will stay and be her rockstar". After many chains are passed out, it is soon down to Dropout, London, Torch, and Weasel. She decides to give Weasel and London another chance, and eliminates Torch and Dropout. Dropout, London, Torch, Weasel Eliminated: The triplets of the band Snake of Eden '84, '85, and '86 were eliminated before the elimination ceremony after they revealed that they were basically there just for the free food and liquor, and that they were only interested in dating Daisy together as a set.

Dropout was eliminated for being a "Goofball" and seeming too much like a cartoon character. Torch was eliminated because Daisy did not feel a connection, and she could not understand him, especially because "he clicked like a dolphin".

True Bromance[ edit ] First aired May 10, The guys wake up the next morning and as they ready themselves, 12 Pack reads them a letter from "Daisy's Diary" which tells them about their next challenge.

The guys are upset about the events concerning Brooklyn and are all very angry that he received a chain. Brooklyn is aware of this and states he will "keep his distance from the other guys". When the guys reach the area of their next challenge, they are surprised to find it takes place in a desert. Ricki tells the guys that today's challenge is all about protecting Daisy. They learn that they must protect a symbolic Daisy mannequin from several sharp-shooting paintballers as they take it from the limo, to the "red carpet", and then to the "stage door".

The men are divided into three teams of four and the teams must run their Daisy mannequin from location to location and the team with the least damaged Daisy mannequin will win the challenge and a date with Daisy. The Beige Team goes first with Cage as the first runner. Cage tries to protect the mannequin, but after getting hit so many times with paintballs, he says he begins to black out and the mannequin splits in half. Cage hands it to Brooklyn, who screams and soon hands it off to 6 Gauge.

After the challenge, Brooklyn thanks Daisy for his second chance, but says he lied to Daisy because he was drunk and says he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend.

who is daisy delahoya dating

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