Who is abigail from days of our lives dating

who is abigail from days of our lives dating

Days of our Lives spoilers come directly from the studio and are not changed. Hollywood Christmas Parade and be sure to DVR its December television air date. At Bayview, Abigail rips into Chad for betraying her. 'Days of Our Lives' Abigail has been recast with Kate Mansi out, Marci Days of Our Lives: Kate Mansi Replaced as Abigail by Soap Rookie Marci Miller . Well, Days did submit what could be her best performance to date. Chad gets a taste of his own medicine on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) when he spies a newly-independent Abby on a date with Dario.

who is abigail from days of our lives dating

who is abigail from days of our lives dating

When Abigail had trouble with her family, she leaned on Chad for support and their relationship became serious. Chad got a clean bill of health, but told Cameron that he did have a brain tumor. Abigail took her clothes off and lay down next to him. Abby was devastated to learn that her father, Jack, was dying and that she would soon lose him again, but Chelsea was there to offer comfort to her friend.

who is abigail from days of our lives dating

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After Chad's surgery, he called E. Newly single, Abigial turned her attention back towards her family. Abigail was concerned that she hardn't heard from her cousin Nick since he left town. When Abigail was getting close to figuring out that something happened between Gabi and Nick before Nick left, E. Their affair didn't stop there. After an alive Nick showed up at Arianna's christening, Sami encouraged E. By this time, Abigail couldn't stop thinking about E. So she followed him one day to his gym.

The two had sex in the shower when Sami walked in. Abigail heard Sami talk about the fact that E. Abigail started to realize that she was only with E. He accepted most of the blame for their affair. But, he reiterated that what happened between them was a mistake.

He was in love with Sami. Eventually, Abigail conceded that their affair was over. The two struck up a flirtation. When Ben saw Nick and Abigail arguing, he stepped in to defend Abigail, saying that a man never had a right to put his hands on a woman.

Abigail and Ben grew closer after that. He even supported her the night Nick was shot and he accompanied her to E. But Abigail and Ben were really just part of Sami's grand revenge scheme. She'd known about the affair for months and had been plotting to make E.

First, she mad Abigail her maid of honor and had Abigail frantically planning the wedding. Then, a few days after the wedding she arrived at Abigail's house to show her pictures from the wedding. The third picture in was of Abigail and E. Abigail and Jennifer were both horrified. Abigail kept apologizing, but Sami wasn't having it. After Sami left, Jennifer tired to say that E. But, she corrected Jennifer and said that E.

She repeated this stance as other people in Salem found out about the affair as well. Sami wasn't done either. She went to Kayla and informed her that Abigail was in violation of the hospital code of conduct by sleeping with a board member. Abigail would have to resign. Kayla refused to go along with Sami's plan. But she was able to allow Abigail to resign rather than be fired.

Ben also stood by Abigail when the news came out. He told Abigail that what happened in her past was in her past and did not effect their future. The two began happily dating. He even comforted her when E. A few weeks later, Ben learned that Rafe had cheated on Jordan. Ben got into a fight with Rafe, which Abigail had to break up. She told him that she understood why he was angry, but he needed to control his temper better.

Shortly after, Abigail's ex Chad DiMera came back to town. Chad was furious with Abigail for taking a moral high-ground position with him, but then sleeping with his brother weeks later. However, he insisted that he wanted the best for her now, especially since E. Ben and Chad butted heads immediately over Abigail. Ben and Chad decided to keep their distance from each other out of mutual respect for Sonny. However, when a reference called to check on Ben for an apartment, Chad gave be a bad review.

Ben got angry and punched Chad. Abigail, Sonny, and Rafe all witnessed it and warned Ben again about his temper. His first order of business was to give Abigail her job back.

Abigail was happy to be working again, but skeptical of Chad's motives. But, Chad continued to reassure her that he was looking out for her best interest, much to this anger of Ben.

So, Ben decided to step things up with Abigail and ask her to move in with him. Abigail said she needed to think about it. Nervous that Abigail was keeping something from him, Ben activated a tracking device on her phone. Abigail professed to love Ben, but felt herself drawn to Chad. She kept making up excuses to see him.

One night when she hand-delivered some papers to him, the two ended up sleeping together. Chad thought this meant that they could reconcile, but Abigail was upset with herself for cheating on Ben. What Abigail didn't know was that Stefano had uncovered something about her. It turned out that her Irish nanny was set to leave Abigail a plot of land in Ireland that was worth a lot of money. Stefano wanted Chad to marry Abigail so that the DiMeras would have a legal claim to that land.

When Chad found out what Stefano was planning, he decided to protect Abigail. He told her that their night together meant nothing and he was only trying to prove that she wanted to sleep with him and then dump her. She ran to Ben and told him that she would move in with him. But Abigail had to make sure that Chad wouldn't ruin things for her with Ben. So, she went to him to ask for his silence on the topic.

But, Ben had used the tracking device to follow her. Ben overheard the whole conversation. But, he decided not to confront her. Now that Abigail had chosen him, he wanted to make sure she didn't change her mind.

A few weeks later, Abigail realized she was late. She took a home pregnancy test and got a positive result. She went to Kayla to run an official test. She got the same results. Abigail then confided to Kayla that she didn't know who the father was. Kayla told her that she needed to wait a few more weeks before she was far enough along to run a paternity test against Chad's medical records, which the hospital had on file. Abigail settled in to wait. At the same time, Ben's father Clyde was busy trying to steal some of Stefano's territory.

So, he had planted a bug in the DiMera living room. Through the bug, he learned of Abigail's inheritance in Ireland. He wanted Ben to have a claim to that valuable land as well.

So, he presented Ben with a ring that he said belonged to Ben's mother and urged Ben to propose to Abigail. Abigail told Ben she had to think about it. What she was really doing was waiting for the results of the paternity test. But Clyde came across a prescription at their apartment for prenatal vitamins. He knew from Ben that Abigail had slept with Chad too. So, he figured that Abigail must be having a paternity test.

So, he threatened the lab tech's family so that the lab would return the results that Chad was not the father of Abigail's baby. However on the day of the test, the lab tech got called out of the lab. His assistant finished the test and delivered the results to Kayla. However, when the lab tech realized what had happened, he called Kayla to get the test back before she opened it. In it's place, he delivered a result that indicated that Chad was not the father.

When Abigail read the results, she went to Ben and accepted his marriage proposal. Chad was heartbroken to learn of the engagement. He asked Will to set up a meeting between him and Abigail so he could explain that he still loved her. But, Abigail was not moved by his speech. She was still determined to marry Ben. She told Ben about the baby and the two of them started planning their wedding and their life together.

Chad reluctantly agreed to back off. But, he wanted Abigail to be free from Stefano's grasp. So, he called her over and told her in front of Stefano about the land in Ireland. Abigail was moved by his gesture and started to believe that he really did love her. Still, she remained committed to Ben. But her committment was only in words. Abigail made excuses to see Chad or talk to Chad all the time. Ben's jealousy over their relationship grew to the point where Ben snapped.

He decided he had to get Chad away from Abigail permaenetly. The murders of Paige and Will soon followed. But, Abigail believed in Chad, which made Ben even more mad. So, he ordered Abigail to leave town with him. She realized that he'd been behind the killings. He took her to a cabin in Mammoth Falls and held her hostage at gun point. While there, she went into labor. Ben called a midwife to help deliver a baby boy. After the birth, Ben killed the midwife and burried her outside the cabin. Ben named the baby "Colin.

Meanwhile, back in Salem, Chad had been cleared of charges and went looking for a now-missing Abigail. He tracked down the midwife's office and eventually found the cabin.

Ben was furious to see Chad and to realize that Abigail still loved Chad. So, Ben took Colin, left Abigail and Chad chained to the bed, set the cabin on fire, and left. Chad was able to get out of his restraints and carry Abigail outside to safety. When she came to, she wanted to go searching for Colin and Ben.

Tests revealed that Thomas was Chad's son after all. With Ben in jail, Abigail and Chad began their life together, marrying in March She began having hallucinations of Ben. Then, the real Ben escaped custody and came looking for "his son" at the DiMera mansion.

Abigail distracted Ben by seducing him. She led him upstairs only to tie him to a bed, douse him with gasoline and set the room on fire. Chad returned home in time to put out the fire. Ben was taken back into custody. Abigail agreed to admit herself into a mental hospital.

However, at the mental hospital, her hallucinations of Ben did not stop. Abigail set more fires at the mental institution. Then, she ran away by going out the window in June Abigail conspired with Andre to fake her death and make Chad move on with his life.

Abigail stayed "dead" for months. Abigail only returned to Salem in November because she'd heard J. She showed herself to Jennifer, but insisted on living in Jennifer's attic because she didn't want anyone to see her. It wasn't long before people began to catch her out in public, including Dario Hernandez, with whom she struck up a friendship. While lurking around Salem, she learned that Chad and Gabi had started to develop feelings for each other. Thinking that she'd lost Chad, she made it clear to Jennifer that she was going to disappear forever.

She went to the DiMera mansion to say goodbye to Thomas. Chad caught her there. Abigail believed Chad catching her was a sign they should be together. But Chad didn't know whether he could trust her or not. He was also honest with Abigail about his feelings for Gabi.

Abigail promised to give him time and the two eventually worked their way back together and decided to renew their wedding vows. Before the ceremony, Deimos Kiriakis kidnapped both Gabi and Abigail, injected them both with poison and made Chad choose which one to save. Jack, Jennifer and Jack, Jr. Abigail remains in Salem at the university studying business. Abby soon develops a crush on Max and begins displaying jealous feelings towards Max's relationship with Mimi Lockhart.

When Mimi leaves town, Max is available again. Max soon admits his crush on Abby, and the two start dating, but only briefly. Abby's aunt, Maggie Horton , and Jack, push her to not go out with Max. When Max tells Abby that he wants to stay friends and not pursue a relationship with her, she gets in a fight with him and leaves Salem to spend the summer with her family in London and doesn't return. On March 2, , Abby surprises her mother when she returns to Salem and expresses her dismay for her father Jack's absence.

Daniel Jonas , the surgeon who saved her life. In September , Jack returns to Salem. It turns out he was secretly on an assignment as a reporter in Afghanistan and was taken hostage for over a year. Abby reacts in extreme anger when her father returns, after learning he lied again, and has a brief estrangement from him but eventually they reconcile.

Later, Abby's relationship with Chad falls apart when he develops feelings for her best friend, Melanie Jonas and Abby secretly develops feelings for married man, Austin Reed. One drunken night Austin and Abby kiss and when Austin wakes in the morning he is full of regret, thinking that he had slept with Abigail.

He tries to cover it up to keep it from his wife Carrie Brady. What he doesn't know is that he and Abby never actually slept together, but Abby lets him think that to try to keep him. Austin continues to push her away in an attempt to rekindle his failing marriage. Realizing how much she is hurting Austin, Abigail comes clean revealing that she lied about sleeping with him.

Abigail then begins to build a connection with Lexie Carver 's half-brother, Cameron Davis , a doctor at the University of Salem. The two begin a flirtation that soon turns to a relationship. Her relationship with her father improves as well. He works with Marlena Evans and a support group to recover from PSTD and so, Jack eventually manages to open up to Abigail about it and she soon forgives him.

After Jack dies, Abigail begins to fall apart, asking Cameron to sleep with her, though she would always turn him down. Due to Abby's grief and mixed feelings, Cameron breaks up with her and starts seeing other girls, much to Abby's chagrin. Later, Abby begins bonding with Chad again, and their feelings are rekindled. They spend New Year's Eve together and, ironically, a year after they break up, they end up sharing a few kisses, and decide to get closer.

When Chad ruins the wedding which he attends as Abby's date by revealing that Nick is not the father of Will Horton 's baby Arianna, Abigail then tells Chad she is done with him. They then reconcile and on September 17, Chad and Abigail make love for the first time, resulting in Abigail no longer being a virgin.

She then has a pregnancy scare which turns out to be a stomach bug. Abigail is mentioned by Will to be one of Arianna's godparents, along with Sonny Kiriakis.

In June , Abigail sleeps with Chad, despite being in a committed relationship with Ben. Later, believing herself to be pregnant due to morning sickness, she takes an at-home pregnancy test, which returns a positive result.

As she has just slept with Chad, she is unsure if the father is Chad or Ben. She gets Kayla to secretly perform a paternity test, which reveals that Ben is the father after Ben's father Clyde Weston threatens the paternity doctor. When Chad is accused of murdering Serena Mason and Paige Larson Abigail sticks up for him even though Ben believes Chad is the killer because Chad has no memory of the nights the girls were murdered.

Abigail's cousin Will Horton is murdered and Abigail still believes Chad is innocent. It is soon revealed that Ben is the killer and before leaving for Hope Williams Brady 's wedding to Aiden Jennings, Abigail realizes the truth. She tries to get Ben to call an anonymous hotline or talk to Marlena Evans , but Ben, psychotically jealous, takes Abigail to a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Abigail's mother tries to contact her and realizing that he left Abigail's phone at the apartment, Ben goes back to get it. While he's gone, Abigail picks the handcuff she's locked to and tries to escape, but Ben arrives just as she's leaving. He locks her up once again and leaves for a second time to get some things. While he's gone, Abigail has labor pains but they soon wear off. Upon his return, he tells Abigail to call Chad and tell him she's done with him; she does so and, instantly realizing something is wrong, Chad tells Abigail to say goodbye and hang up immediately to signal if something is wrong and she does exactly so.

Abigail goes into early labor and gives birth to her son with the help of a midwife, but Ben kills the midwife after the birth. Chad arrives and Ben ties them to the bed and sets it on fire before leaving with the baby.

However, they escape and Ben is found and arrested. Eventually, Ben is put in jail and Abigail is reunited with her son after JJ and Chad find him abandoned in a motel. She renames her son Thomas Jack Deveraux. Afterwards, Abigail and Chad start to plan a future together. After being brainwashed to do his family's bidding, Chad cruelly breaks up with Abigail. After Thomas gets sick, it's revealed that Chad is his father, not Ben. At this time, Abigail begins to believe she is seeing hallucinations of Ben; in an attempt to confront her fears, she sets traps to see if she can catch him.

who is abigail from days of our lives dating

who is abigail from days of our lives dating