Star trek tng relics online dating

star trek tng relics online dating

It was established early in the series that Data is an android and- as such- is unable to use contractions in his speech; yet- when making his report to Captain . In season 6 episode 4 of of Star Trek: TNG; Captain Scott is Even more useless and out of date than he's ever been. (Especially since, in the world of Star Trek, there is consciousness while "The only way to address the Scotty/Relics issue in Generations was not to have Scotty in the movie at all. "Relics" is the th episode of the syndicated American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, the fourth episode of the sixth season.
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star trek tng relics online dating

Fiction T - English - Humor - J. Perhaps we'll have more luck with them.

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The most obvious way of doing this is to bring aboard TOS characters — something it did in the pilot episode McCoy , season five's " Unification " Spock , and would later do in Generations Kirk and even Star Trek Spock again, in the rebooted alternate timeline. There seems to be an aura of legitimacy that bringing TOS forward into the future seems to bestow upon the latter-day mythos.

It's a uniquely fascinating construction: Some of the actors were still playing the parts off and on even when this aired in , but the time frame between TOS and TNG made the fictional TOS characters a piece of decades-old history.

In "Relics," we get Scotty, who is found having been suspended in a jerry-rigged transporter beam on a downed vessel for the past 75 years. In that time he hasn't aged a day. His ship crashed on the surface of a mythical Dyson Sphere — a massive sphere constructed by an ancient society around a star. The Dyson Sphere has a diameter equivalent to Earth's orbit around the sun. A real beauty here.

I must admit to being a bit overwhelmed. Wait until you see the Hollowdeck. You have a hairline fracture of the humorous. It will ache for a few days, but it should be fine. Well, I'll say this about your Enterprise. The doctors are a fair sight prettier. Everything is my business! Welcome aboard the Enterprise, Captain Scott. Thank you, sir, and call me Scotty.

How are you feeling? How am I feeling? Other than a couple of bumps and bruises, I'd say you feel fine for a man of a hundred and forty seven. I don't feel a day over a hundred and twenty. I must say, I was little surprised when Commander Riker told me that you were aboard the Jenolen.

Our records didn't show you listed as a member of the crew. Well, I was never actually a member of the crew. I was just a passenger. I was heading for Norpin Five to settle down and enjoy my retirement. Well, I would very much enjoy the opportunity to hear you talk about your career.

I'm sure you would have some fascinating insights into the events of your time. I'd be happy to. Well, I look forward to it. Commander, we need to begin a full spectrographic analysis of the Dyson Sphere. I'll get right on it, sir. Once again, welcome on board, Captain. I need to get down to Engineering and begin that analysis. I thought you'd never ask. Captain, the first thing you need to get is some rest.

Now this has been a shock to your system, and I want you to not push yourself. We're pretty busy down there, anyway, Captain Scott. I promise I'd be happy to give you a tour just as soon as the doctor says it's okay.

I'll have someone show you your quarters. This is the food replicator, and your computer terminal. Good Lord, man, where have you put me? These are standard guest quarters, sir. I can try and find something bigger if you want. In my day, even an Admiral wouldn't have had such quarters on a starship.

You know, I remember a time we had to transport the Dohlman of Elaas. You never heard anyone whine and complain so much about quarters as she did. The holodecks, Ten Forward, and the gymnasium are all at your disposal. The computer can tell you how to find them. Until we issue you a combadge, just use one of these panels if you need anything. You know, these quarters remind me of a hotel room on Argelius.

Oh, now there is a planet. Everything a man wants right at his fingertips. Of course, on the first visit, I got into a wee bit of trouble. Excuse me, sir but I have to return to duty. I want you to shut down the warp engines and recalibrate the aft sensors while I work on the lateral array. Can I help you, sir? Oh, I don't think so, lassie, but I'll let you know if you can.

Scotty, this really isn't a good time for a tour. We're running a phase seven survey of the Dyson Sphere. I'm not here for a tour, laddie. I'm here to help. That's very kind, but I'm sure we can handle it. I was a Starfleet engineer for fifty two years, Mister La Forge. I think I'm still useful. We'd be grateful for any help you can give us. Let's get to work. Sensor readings indicate the presence of a G-type star at the center of the sphere. There also appears to be a class-M atmosphere clinging to the interior surface.

Is there any indication that the sphere is inhabited? Not as yet, sir. Our preliminary data suggests it is still capable of supporting life.

We have been unable to find definite signs of current habitation. Mister Data, send out a series of class-four probes to survey the far side of the sphere. Perhaps we'll have more luck with them. Adjust the frequency stabilization on the main deflector dish. It's out of synch with the aft sensors. Laddie, you need to phase-lock the warp fields within three percent or they'll become unstable. The Enterprise quickly realizes the only exit from the interior of the sphere is the port they used but cannot figure out how to open it from their side.

When La Forge tries to make contact with the Enterprise, he discovers it missing, and works with Scott to make the Jenolan flight-worthy.

They discover the same port the Enterprise found and surmise the Enterprise is trapped inside. La Forge and Scott manage to open the port without being pulled in and then wedge the Jenolan in the open port, using its shields to keep it open while the Enterprise escapes, rescuing the two engineers from the Jenolan just before destroying it with photon torpedoes. As the Enterprise returns to its mission, the crew of the ship give Scott his very own shuttlecraft "on extended loan" to either continue to his retirement or to explore the galaxy.

Scott thanks the crew and reminds La Forge to make the most of his time as the Chief Engineer of the Enterprise before he departs. Production[ edit ] The initial shot when Scotty's holodeck re-creation of his Enterprise is shown, was taken from the original series episode " This Side of Paradise ", composited into this episode via blue screen.

The part of the bridge where Scotty and Picard have their conversation was built new; the command chair and helm console were provided by a fan, Steve Horch, who originally built them for use at Star Trek conventions. Reception[ edit ] Freeman Dyson - who does not take his idea seriously - stated upon watching the episode that, while the science behind the story was "nonsense", from a TV viewer's perspective he generally enjoyed it.

star trek tng relics online dating