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Bo time shqip online dating - In this video you will learn the most important words in Albanian:

Johann Georg von Hahn , an Austrian linguist, had proposed the same hypothesis in Latin unstressed internal and initial syllables become lost in Albanian: An analogous mutation occurred from Proto-Indo-European to Albanian. In contrast, in later Latin loanwords, the internal syllable is retained: Some 85 Latin words have survived in Albanian but not as inherited in any Romance language.

The Romance languages inherited these words from Vulgar Latin: Albanian, Basque , and the surviving Celtic languages such as Breton and Welsh are the non-Romance languages today that have this sort of extensive Latin element dating from ancient Roman times, which has undergone the sound changes associated with the languages. Romanian scholars such as Vatasescu and Mihaescu, using lexical analysis of the Albanian language, have concluded that Albanian was heavily influenced by an extinct Romance language that was distinct from both Romanian and Dalmatian.

Because the Latin words common to only Romanian and Albanian are significantly less than those that are common to only Albanian and Western Romance, Mihaescu argues that the Albanian language evolved in a region with much greater contact to Western Romance regions than to Romanian-speaking regions, and located this region in present-day Albania, Kosovo and Western Macedonia, spanning east to Bitola and Pristina.

For example, the word for 'fish' is borrowed from Latin, but not the word for 'gills', which is native. Indigenous are also the words for 'ship', 'raft', 'navigation', 'sea shelves' and a few names of fish kinds, but not the words for 'sail', 'row' and 'harbor' — objects pertaining to navigation itself and a large part of sea fauna.

This rather shows that Proto-Albanians were pushed away from coastal areas in early times probably after the Latin conquest of the region thus losing large parts or the majority of sea environment lexicon.

A similar phenomenon could be observed with agricultural terms. While the words for 'arable land', 'corn', 'wheat', 'cereals', 'vineyard', 'yoke', 'harvesting', 'cattle breeding', etc.

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