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The episodes of the first season of the Zatch Bell! anime, known as Konjiki no Gash Bell!! "I'm here") by Rino was used in the 22nd episode of Gash Bell. English air date was on April 17, on the American cable network Cartoon Network. .. Paul Rodriguez, Sr. (born January 19, [1]) is a Mexican- American. "demon") partner Zatch Bell as they try to win the tournament of Mamodo later adapted into a episode anime television series titled Golden Gash Bell!! .. Other CDs including character singles, character song series and character .. zatchbell del 41 al 45 completo latino Yakitate Japan Episode 17 (Sub): The Big. The dubbed episodes of Zatch Bell! discontinued airing after episode first English air date was on April 17, on the American cable network Cartoon Network. .. Paul Rodriguez, Sr. (born January 19, [1]) is a Mexican- American.

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The human and their Demon gain these spells through experience and hard work. Bari finds Zatch and tells Zatch they shall battle in a factory three hours from now. The search ends when they find Folgore at a hospital with Suzy.

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On the way there, Megumi and Tio enter a clothes shop and meet a person named Maryl Caruno who asks Megumi if they can trade clothes for a while. Megumi agrees and after the trade, Maryl leaves with Megumi's wallet and book. Megumi chases her but is stopped by a butler who reveals Maryl recently became queen and that assassins are after her.

They search for her but Megumi is captured by the assassins who mistook her for the queen. Tia finds Maryl and tells her what has happened to Megumi.

Maryl decides to risk her life to save Megumi, but is saved by Tia. The assassins were then captured and Maryl thanks Tia for her help. Meanwhile, two Mamodos and their human partner reminisce on how they became allies. Outside, the Mamodo decides to destroy an amusement park ride but is interrupted by Zatch's "Zaker".

Kiyo leads the enemy to an empty part of the park. Kiyo in the midst of the battle, tells Zatch to fire "Zaker" into the sky. With Tia managing to hold off the attacks, Kiyo gets an idea.

They manage to defeat and burn Zoboron's book. Purio who gains a new spell, uses it to create a smokescreen and escapes. Kiyo, Zatch, Megumi, and Tia spend the rest return to the amusement park. Kiyo asks Tia what Zatch was like in the Mamodo world and Tia replies that she does not know Zatch's family.

They continue to spend the rest of the day at the park. November 9, October 8, Zatch finds a fragment of a mirror while diving for yellowtail. Kiyo and Zatch befriends a new transfer student, Shion and her cat Nya.

Cut and Paste use their strongest spell to summon a giant scissor missile. Kiyo and Zatch manage to defeat them by redirecting the scissor towards Cut and Paste with "Jikerdor". In the distance, a mysterious Mamodo pair observe Kiyo and Zatch. Shion with a dark expression asks Zatch if she could have the mirror. After many failed attempts, Shion decides she must force Zatch into combat to steal the mirror from him. She takes Zatch to a forest and reveals that Nya is a Mamodo. She then proceeds to attack Zatch for the mirror but is saved by Kiyo's timely arrival.

During the battle, Shion reveals that her parents died six months ago and that she wants the mirror in order for Nya to stay with her forever. She reveals a mysterious man told her that if all three pieces of the mirror were gathered, she can be with Nya forever. Zatch decides not to fight Shion and tells her they do not need to fight and that they can trust each other. Zatch then willingly gives her the mirror and Shion accepts. Grisor reveals that the demonic mirror has the ability to free a person from the Mamodo battles.

He explains that the mirrors must be gathered in a mystical ruin nearby. Grisor meanwhile is revealed to be in contact with his book owner Dr. Hakase reminisces about the first time he met Grisor; Hakase was recently kicked out of an institute and Grisor offers to give him power to get revenge on the institute. Grisor leads Kiyo, Zatch, and Shion to the ruins where the three pieces are then combined into one. At that moment, Grisor makes his escape with the mirror.

Hakase uses the mirror and causes Grisor to grow into a monstrous being which increases his spell power by a hundred fold. They engage in battle but are unable to cause damage to Grisor. When Grisor aims a spell towards Shion, Nya pushes her out of the way but Nya's book is burnt in the process. Shion holds onto Nya as he disappears from her arms.

Grisor then traps Kiyo, Zatch, and Shion on a patch of land by surrounding the area with magma from underground. During the battle, Hakase explains the true origins of the mirror; the mirror was stolen by Grisor for the Mamodo battles but during his travel to the human world, it broke into three pieces and scattered across the world.

An attack from Grisor knocks Zatch unconscious. As he prepares to knock Kiyo and Zatch into the magma, Shion knocks the mirror out of Hakase's hands cracking it. Zatch regains consciousness and uses "Bao Zakeruga" to defeat Grisor and the mirror is destroyed in the process. The next day, Shion decides to move in order to become a stronger person without being completely dependent on a person for help.

The next day he decides to challenge Naomi to a duel, and if he wins, Naomi will have to stop bullying him. Kiyo and his friends meanwhile visit the zoo. There they learn that an African Lion by the name of Gabriel has escaped from the zoo.

Back with Zatch, Zatch loses the first and second competition against Naomi. In the third competition, Zatch is left in a pit-hole and Vulcan is tied up on a pole. Later one of the playground kids tell Zatch that Naomi has become stranded on a cliff. Zatch arrives and sees that a lion is with Naomi on the cliff. Wanting to help Naomi, Zatch climbs down but becomes stranded on a tree branch.

Naomi seeing Zatch in danger climbs up the cliff and saves Zatch from the lion. Shortly after, the lion is captured and Zatch's dream about Naomi being the lizard queen comes true.

On the way to the movies, Zatch and Kiyo's book is stolen by Li-en. She then returns their book and tells Kiyo that her father is a mafia boss and that he captured her Mamodo Wonrei. She asks Kiyo to help her free Wonrei.

They travel to Hong Kong to an island where Li-en's father's mafia keep their treasure and weapons. After defeating some men on the way, they take an elevator to the top of the island where Wonrei is imprisoned. At the top of the island however is the Mamodo Zabas and his partner Galliont are awaiting for the elevator's arrival. Kiyo and Zatch decide to distract Zabas while Li-en tries to free Wonrei. Wonrei reveals no intention of escaping fearing that Li-en would be hurt in the Mamodo battle.

When Zabas is about to attack Li-en, Wonrei escapes from his cell and defeats Zabas. Zatch asks Wonrei what kind of king he would be and he replies a king which protects all. Li-en and Wonrei leave but Zabas stands up ready to battle. Kiyo and Zatch defeat Zabas with the fifth spell, "Zakeruga", a more powerful and concentrated version of "Zaker". Li-en and Wonrei run into her father.

He allows their relationship once seeing Wonrei's determination to protect Li-en and gives them a boat to leave the island. At the onsen, Kiyo finds a note in his room revealing the location of a secret onsen and an all you can eat yellow tail buffet.

Upon arriving at the location, Kiyo realizes that it's a trap and they attacked by a Mamodo named Baransha and her human partner Garza. Kiyo and Zatch are at a disadvantage since Baransha can attack from afar and become invisible.

As the battle drags on, Kiyo uses ginkgo nuts ' strong scent in order to track down the invisible Baransha. Kiyo and Zatch gain the upper hand with "Bao Zakeruga" but Garza and Baransha manage to escape by jumping into the river.

The truck's door closes and Kanchome is driven away. Kanchome ends up at a circus and while wandering around, finds a girl named Rushka. Kanchome then volunteers to be her big brother.

He follows her back to her farm where Kanchome learns from her guardian that Rushka's parents died and the closest thing she has to a family are sheep.

Soon after, a Mamodo named Bago and his partner Fredo steals all the sheep on the farm. Kanchome follows the Mamodo in an attempt and return the sheep for Rushka. Folgore finds Kanchome on the way and decides to help Kanchome with his battle. Folgore and Kanchome end up at the cave where Bago and Fredo await. Rushka arrives to try Kanchome and her sheep but is kicked by Fredo. Kanchome seeing Rushka regains the will to fight.

At that moment, the book glows and Folgore is able to read the third spell, "Dika Poruk". The third spell causes Kanchome to seemingly become an invincible giant but in reality, a hologram of Kanchome is actually being projected.

While Bago and Fredo are distracted, Folgore runs through fire to reach Fredo. Folgore is able to grab and burn Fredo's book. After Kanchome says goodbye to Rushka and everyone at the circus, he and Folgore end up at a harbor. Kanchome seeing candy aboard a boat, boards it. At that moment, the boat heads towards the South Pole with Kanchome on it. Kiyo and Zatch get into an argument and Zatch collapses from the fever.

After placing Zatch in the care of the school nurse, Kiyo finds Apollo at school. Apollo tells Kiyo that after Rops' book was burned, he became the president of his father's company. He then reveals that the Mamodo who burnt his was someone that resembles Zatch. He reveals that in Holland, the Zatch look-alike ad his partner Dufort mercilessly defeated them in battle.

Apollo reveals that the Zatch look-alike's name is Zeno. Kiyo promises that he will defeat them for what they done to Rops. Zatch wakes up from a nightmare about Zeno and visits Kiyo who tells Zatch to become a kind king. Kiyo refuses and Zatch leaves to go watch it with Umagon. Zatch meets Suzy and the teacher's wife, referred to as Wife, who are both also heading to the mall. Once there, Suzy and Wife realize the merchandise they wanted that was on sale was fake.

After watching the Praying Mantis Joe show, Zatch notices that Suzy, Wife, Ponygon, and many kids were upset about the false merchandise being sold.

He decides to ask Praying Mantis Joe to help with the merchandise problems. The actor of Praying Mantis Joe tells the kids he is unable to do anything and Zatch with the kids leave determined to face the store manager. The store manager calls his bodyguard to deal with the kids. At that moment, Praying Mantis Joe arrives and is severely beaten by the bodyguard. Wife then throws an unconscious Joe onto the bodyguard knocking him unconscious.

The store manager is then forced to give the real merchandise to the customers. Bari feeling unsatisfied in his battles, decides to go to Japan where a strong Mamodo named Zatch resides. Bari finds Zatch and tells Zatch they shall battle in a factory three hours from now. Zatch and Kiyo arrive to the factory where they learn that there are still civilians in the factory. Zatch manages to save the civilian while Kiyo distracts Bari's attention.

As Bari is about to strike Kiyo down, he hesitates due to Kiyo's eyes. Bari prepares to finish Kiyo off but Zatch manages to stop him in time. With no distractions, Kiyo and Zatch prepare to face Bari and Gustav. Kiyo and Zatch resort to their strongest spell "Bao Zakeruga" but Bari is able to block it.

Kiyo is unable to move or use spells after using "Bao Zakeruga" thus forcing Zatch to fight Bari hand to hand. Bari hesitates when he sees Zatch's eyes causing Bari to be knocked down. Zatch moves Kiyo to a safe place and continues his battle. Kiyo attempts to help Zatch by running a Loader into the factory to collapse the ceiling onto them.

Bari goes after Kiyo to burn Zatch's book. As he looks into Zatch's eyes again, he stops and asks why. Gustav asks Zatch what kind of king he wants to be to which he replies a kind king.

Bari finds the idea ridiculous and challenges Zatch whether a kind king or a powerful king will be fit for the throne. He leaves sparing Zatch's book. February 29, February 18, Ponygon after seeing Zatch depressed about his loss goes and searches for his book owner.

Ponygon finds a man named Doronma who resembles Ponygon and assumes he is his bookowner. Zatch following Ponygon's scent is invited alongside Ponygon to visit Doronma's house.

Doronma asks Zatch and Ponygon to help him in his plan to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Zatch and Ponygon agree to help him and after robbing multiple jewellery stores, Doronma proposes to steal a diamond from a mansion. Zatch and Ponygon assist him in the robbery but end up tripping every alarm. I m the meetzur dating service when it comes to Internet dating. Singapore girls being practical. Unfortunately, in my experience, most people don't seem to feel that way, unless they themselves are confined to a wheelchair.

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The most notable one was Kido who was sent back to the Mamodo world after fighting Belgium E. Ultimately, Sherry and Brago came to help to fight Zofis. Zofis took control of Sherry's friend Koko who Zofis makes her do evil things such as burning a whole town. Sherry and Brago beat Zofis but not without the help of Kiyo and friends.

Sherry gets Koko back to normal and the battle in South America is over. After the battle against Zofis, the whole world is put in danger after a giant Mamodo named Faudo is brought to life by a Mamodo named Riou. Riou was looking for Mamodos that have enough strength to help activate Faudo.

So he puts a curse on Li-en and Wonrei who Kiyo and Zatch befriend in the middle of the series. The protagonists make their way to Faudo to try to destroy it and to save their friends.

The battle in Faudo was the toughest battle for the characters up to that point in the story. Kiyo almost died against Riou, and many of Zatch's friends got sent back to the Mamodo world such as Wonrei. Faudo is then taken over by a Mamodo that looks like Zatch, who turns out to be Zatch's twin brother Zeno Bell. Zatch and Zeno have a big fight inside of Faudo.

Zeno at a young age had to train everyday and always got punished while Zatch lived with another family peacefully. Ultimately, Zeno understands Zatch also suffered too and apologizes to what he has done to Zatch. Zeno gets his book burned and is sent back to the Mamodo world.

Finally, when the number of Mamodos have decreased to ten, an evil and powerful Mamodo named Clear Note appears. The King's Festival is where the final ten Mamodo have to fight to be king. Past Mamodos who Kiyo and Zatch have encountered in the past came to help out.

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