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Yu gi oh gx 139 latino dating - Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 134

With that in her mind, she set out to return his love friendship in the same way - by making him suffer, thus why she orchestrated the fall of all of his friends. During the Duel, Yubel Summons herself , and unlike other instances of a Duel Spirit Summoning their own card, she does not move to the field. Instead, a second copy of her, lacking her Duel Disk , appears.

Yubel uses her own card to inflict damage to Jaden, while gathering resources using " Spell Chronicle ". Syrus and Ojama Yellow now arrive, and inform Jaden that their friends are not dead. They met Chazz Princeton , who revealed that they were sent to another alternate dimension and sealed there, as Yubel used their energies to increase her own strength. Syrus urges Jaden to take Bastion Misawa 's previous advice - he must master the power of The Supreme King that lies within him and become his complete self.

Now each time Jaden activates a Spell Card. Jaden Jaden draws " Elemental Hero Burstinatrix ". The second effect of "Spell Chronicle" then activates, giving it one Chronicle Counter. Yubel then activates her face-down " Sinister Seeds ", which reduces the Battle Damage she would take in multiples of Yubel Yubel draws "Regenerating Rose".

The first effect of "Regenerating Rose" activates "Regenerating Rose": The second effect of "Spell Chronicle" activates, giving it a second Chronicle Counter. Hassleberry is suddenly attacked by Shirley from behind. The South Academy champion, Jim Crocodile Cook , rushes over and orders the crocodile to release him, apologizing.

Jim states that she usually isn't so riled up - and has only become so since the previous day. He says that powerful electromagnetic waves are resonating from somewhere on the island, and that such waves stir the fighting instincts of reptiles. He pulls out a meter that measures electromagnetic waves and says that Shirley started acting up in the middle of night - the same time that Jaden and Axel had been Dueling. The five of them end up following the meter's readings into the forest, where they begin to get stronger.

The waves seem to be affecting Hassleberry strangely as well, and he jumps at Jim in a rage. He's restrained by Jaden and Jesse. Syrus speculates that it may be because of the "dinosaur DNA" that Hassleberry has. Jim challenges Hassleberry to a Duel, which the latter seems to accept.

Jim believes that if he and Hasseleberry experience the same exhaustion that Axel and Jaden did, then it would provide more evidence that the waves are to blame for it. Meanwhile Jaden and Jesse get over excited during the Duel and start cheering on both teams, despite Syrus complaining they should be more concerned about Jim's 'waves'.

Both ignore him and in the dub Syrus accuses them of being exactly alike, which they both deny in unison. After Jim inflicts damage with " Flint Cragger ", Hassleberry appears to return to normal.

Jim ultimately wins the Duel, but both of them collapse afterwards. Thelonious Viper's alarm system suddenly starts blaring, and his security cameras show that Adrian is attempting to gain access to the lab. Jim Crocodile Cook and Axel Brodie are slow in leaving, and Freed decides to use Jaden as a decoy, giving him an opportunity to evacuate the sanctuary and move to a safer place.

Jaden arrives at the prison camp and finds it unguarded. He enters the prison and spots who he thinks is Jesse, but it turns out to be another man who resembles him. Jaden attempts to help the man escape.

He reveals that the other prisoners were moved to another camp somewhere else. Outside, Zure 's army waits and Jaden has walked right into their trap. Zure kills the man with a blast of lightning from his sword, and Jaden activates his Duel Disk.

Zure accepts his challenge. Zure's "Power" cards nearly defeat Jaden, but Freed arrives after having successfully moved the villagers, and sacrifices himself to place his card on top of Jaden's Deck. Using Freed's effect, Jaden wins the Duel.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Episode 153

Now each time Jaden activates a Spell Card. He reveals that the other prisoners were moved to another camp somewhere else. Jaden departs, and again has flashbacks to his Duel with Osamu.