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Choose the perfect invite for your next book club, game night or hostess party! Create and send invites online to easily track RSVPs & communicate with guests. Christmas Baby Shower. Free . Sofia the First and choose your favorite one, you can personalize your design with the event title, date, time, and location. Unfortunately, the baby shower invite wording is one of the most important or include a religious message, these examples should provide some good inspiration: Showers are typically given four to six weeks before the baby's due date, which is The first thing is the number of guests you wish to invite. Customize the perfect save the date design for your baby shower. Huge selection of modern baby shower save the date designs that you can send online today.

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Request mostly modest gifts. Skip at least some of the big-ticket items. Register for onesies, bibs, socks, blankets and baby-care essentials, but take care of the crib, bedding and other expensive baby gear yourself. Get your baby registry out of the way before the invitations for the shower are sent out, and ask the person hosting to include a note that tells guests where you're registered. What about baby showers for baby 2 and 3 and … Sprinkles, or baby showers for second- and third-time moms, have become acceptable only recently, so if your friends, family or coworkers want to throw showers for all your beautiful babes, why stop them?

Keep in mind that it's particularly helpful to register for gifts for subsequent babies, because depending on when you had the first child, you may not need a load of supplies — only a mountain of diapers!

It would be perfectly fine for the invitee who can't make the party to wait until the baby is born, and then send a gift. When should the guest of honor send thank-you notes? Usually within two to three weeks after the shower—unless of course the baby's birth intervenes. In that case, it's fine to wait until after the hectic postpartum period is over. It's nice to thank your hosts with a special token, too, such a bouquet of flowers, a batch of cookies, or a small gift.

FAQ Whether you welcome your baby with a christening, a bris, a traditional naming ceremony as practiced in Muslim, African, or Native American traditions , or a ritual that's your own invention, there are a few basic guidelines that are common to all: Invite family, friends, and whomever else you choose—these celebrations can be intimate or large-scale.

But new parents should be careful not to put too many demands on themselves. Limit the scale to what you can comfortably manage, and remember that it's perfectly fine to delegate chores to close family members and friends, during the preparations, at the event, and for clean-up. How should guests be invited? Invitations need not be formal. Phone calls or, at most, handwritten notes are customary for a christening or a bris, and should suffice for other kinds of baby-welcoming ceremonies as well.

This saves the new parents the trouble of making up invitations. Is it appropriate to serve food? It's perfectly appropriate to treat your guests to a bite to eat after the ceremony. The refreshments could be as simple as coffee and cake at your home after a christening to a full banquet at a baby-naming celebration.

The new parents aren't under any obligation to take on more than they can handle, either physically or financially. Does the baby have to be present for the whole event?

If the star of the show needs to sleep, she should be put down for her nap. Guests will have other chances to dandle her on their knees. A new parent should feel free to gently decline requests to hold the baby at any point, if it seems like being passed around like a much-loved football wouldn't please the little one. Should guests bring gifts? Gifts aren't usually expected at a baby-welcoming ceremony.

While in some traditions or families, it's customary to bring a small token like a rattle or a cup to such a celebration, it's shouldn't be the focus of the event. Let guests know if you expect that to extend to gifts, or clothes. Wear something blue to match the decorations, if you can! Let them know what to do. Be clear that people should speak to the host rather than the guest of honour if they want to discuss the request. Some suggestions for wording when asking for baby shower contributions Be quite specific about the amount you want and who to contact to talk it over.

If you are asking for money, do prepare a budget to show guests how their money has been spent and even keep receipts, to save any misunderstandings later on. If you are asking for food, try and give some guidelines on type of food and quantity, or ask people to nominate an item, so that you can plan. Shower and your surname. Otherwise, can you please bring cash to the party on the day?

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