Dating vintage benrus watches for sale

dating vintage benrus watches for sale

I have recently acquired a Benrus watch that looks very old. Your watch could date anywhere from the late s to the early s, but I believe it's probably .. is for sale, but that is not mine, just the model is the same. Explore a large selection of Benrus watches on Chrono24 - the worldwide marketplace for Benrus Sea Lord Vintage Automatic Date Gold Plate Pre- owned. Vintage 10k GF Benrus Model B84 17 Jewel Men's Watch AS IS PARTS. $ Vintage Benrus Automatic Day Date and Manual Wind Men's Watch Lot.

dating vintage benrus watches for sale

Vintage Benrus Automatic Date Men Watch .

ID and Dating of my Benrus watch??

dating vintage benrus watches for sale

Since it's invention in the 16th centurey the only choice in watches was the pocketwatch. These were Benrus' less expensive lines.

dating vintage benrus watches for sale

Dating vintage benrus watches for sale - Vintage Benrus Watch

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Since you know what you have, the best way to value a watch is to follow the auctions of similar watches on internet sites like Ebay. Late s ladies Benrus watches with 15 to 17 jewels and gold filled cases, should do the job. Some serious hobby watchmakers may do it for that, but I cannot imagine a qualified professional doing it for this range. If you are in a higher cost of living location, it is not even close. My concern is that many so called "watchmakers" take the movement out of the case and remove the dial and then "clean" the watch in an ultrasonic cleaner with a combination cleaning - oiling solution.

This is like dipping your engine in a mixture of gasoline and oil and calling it an overhaul. A proper cleaning involves taking the movement apart about 50 of the parts. Cleaning the parts in a watch cleaning solution, followed by several rinses. Post-War, Benrus designers went to work fashioning beautiful and dazzling watches that expressed post war civilian life. Supplies of high quality Swiss movements were not only readily available, but were also inexpensive for Benrus to buy.

This was due to high volume and a strong relationship with the Swiss cartel. Benrus even had a German company supplying ebauche movements and parts. The company was positioned perfectly The resulting designs from Benrus were unique and exaggerated.

Designs from this period, with fancy bezels and lugs. The company produced memorable watches like the "Embraceable" - a one piece watch that was slipped on like a bracelet, and also the "Citation" which was named after a famous racehorse of the time. The "Dial-o-Rama" which is probably the most recognized of all of the jump hour direct read watch which is highly collectible today.

It was a very exciting time for the Benrus Watch Company who played a large role in the Retro-Modern period as we know it. Watches from this period are becoming very collectible today. Benrus By the beginning of the s, Benrus' had overtaken Hamilton and had grown to become the 3rd largest watch company in the United States, behind Bulova and Elgin who each were larger than Benrus and Hamilton combined.

They were a mid-priced watch company and that relied solely on using swiss movements. Hamilton, in contrast, had a reputation of producing a higher quality watch and had factories manufacturing watches entirely made in the USA. They also imported swiss movements which they marketed under the Illinois name. In a proposal by the U S Tarriff Commission had recommended an increase import duties on swiss watch movements.

This would prove to be quite damaging to Benrus who relied solely on swiss made movements. In contrast it would prove to be beneficial to a company manufacturing watches in the US. What Benrus did next was controversial. Benrus appeared to have its sights on taking over Hamilton Watch Company. This large stake in Hamilton's company allowed Benrus to have a such a large voting share that it would be capable of appointing one director per year to a three year term on Hamilton's board of directors.

At the same time Benrus held patents for an automobile clock that they were eager to market but did not have the manufacturing capabilities in the US to capitalize upon. Benrus, with it's influential block of Hamilton stock approached Hamilton and suggested a mutually beneficial deal be arranged.

Hamilton was feeling the pressure. They believed Benrus was attempting to obtain enough stock in an effort to carry control over the company and sued Benrus claiming violation of US anti-trust laws. Benrus contended that the shares represented an investment as a hedge against the proposed tarriff. Regardless, in Hamilton won an injunction against Benrus. A few pieces of interesting history - The company was the first paid sponsor of a TV program - "the Wizard of Oz" - They were one of the first companies to develop a completely waterproof watch.

These were Benrus' less expensive lines. Oscar bought out his brothers shares to become the sole owner of the company. Ralph died shortly thereafter in By this time they had operations in the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas and also a brand new factory in Ridgefield, CT where the new Main offices would be located.

The company was sold in to Victor Kiam, of Remington Razors Victor Kiam was made famous in his advertisement "I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company".

Unfortunately, this was the era of the cheap Japanese Quartz movement and inexpensive Timex watches which hurt most US producers of mechanical watches. Under new ownership the company was stripped of it's most valuable assets which were sold off. In the 's through the late 70's, Benrus made military issue watches used by the Army and Navy.

These were issued to servicemen fighting in the Vietnam War. By the mid to late 70's Benrus Incorporated was a diversified manufacturer of a number of consumer products. An attempt to consolidate all the various manufacturing enterprises under one roof proved to be a much more expensive move than anyone calculated, and a final blow to the company which subsequently filed bankrupt in The company was then sold, and after passing through several more hands, came under the ownership of the Hampden Company, which also owned "Fantasy Diamonds", with factories in both the Virgin Islands and Chicago.

Among others, a reissue of Vietnam service watches proved very popular. Oscar Lazrus died in the early 's he was in his 90's.