Best disney star wars memes for dating

best disney star wars memes for dating

May 5, Screenshot, Best of Star Wars Memes fans celebrated again, but this time for the release of the first "Star Wars" film on this date in The internet's funniest jokes, pictures, memes, cartoons and gifs. Allegedly. If you are dating a star wars memes funny | Funny Star Wars Alderaan Girlfriend Pun Meme - If you are. Read it I find your lack of knowledge disturbing Star Wars Darth, Darth Vader Meme, Death. More information Disney cupcakes. #StarWars Pick-up Lines Greatest Pick Up Lines, Star Wars Puns, Star. More information . Get That Nerdy Pickup Lines From Howard Wolowitz Memes.

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Online Star Wars isn't the only brand to be owned by Disney. They also own and are partnered with Pixar, an animation company that has become one of the primary animation studios on the planet. Featuring films like Wall-E, Inside Out, and Finding Nemo, the company is known for their creative storytelling and lifelike animation.

One film that has become beloved by Pixar fans is Ratatouille, a film about a rat with a taste for the finer things in life. He prefers culinary treats rather than garbage, and so he sets out on his own and teams up with a young chef to create some of the best food dishes in Paris. It's a fun film for the whole family, and yet in this next meme, we see it in a whole new light.

In it, we see the film's poster turned into the Star Wars vehicle known as an AT-AT, with only the rat's head imprinted on the vehicle. Those films are Frozen and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The first film follows two sisters, one a queen and the other a princess. The queen is plagued with ice powers that make her feel isolated and afraid, and she flees when her powers are revealed, forcing the princess to find her and help her.

The second film is a sequel to the original film, following Luke and his allies as they continue their fight with the Empire. Minor spoiler alert warning! This film is notorious because, in the film's climax, fans are shocked to discover that Darth Vader, the series antagonist, is, in fact, Luke Skywalker's father. However, this meme makes light of both films by having Vader offer to build a snowman with his newly revealed son. All of the Disney Princesses seem to be drawn as being stick thin, with no changes or focus on the various beautiful women of the world of different body types.

It's been kind of a sticking point for a lot of people arguing against the ideals put forth by Disney. Now with the acquisition of Star Wars, a lot of people are starting to realize that several female characters in the franchise might be considered new Disney Princesses.

One of these characters is, of course, Princess Leia. Already a princess, she is the leader of the rebellion and one of the strongest female characters in a popular franchise. However, this meme does a hilarious job of pointing out Disney's faults in forcing their princesses to be stick thin models instead of accepting them for who they are. The droid that can speak millions of different languages and has a knack for finding himself right smack dab in the middle of trouble became a legend himself, being forced into adventures with his friend R2-D2 and working with Luke Skywalker to learn information and tactics related to the war against the Empire.

However his personality has always been more flat than upbeat or exciting, and with the recent acquisition of the franchise by Disney, his personality hasn't gotten much livelier. In fact, the lovable droid has gotten a sort of change in the recent move to the house of mouse, as seen in the first of the new films, The Force Awakens.

When we finally get to see 3PO after all these years, one of his arms is missing, replaced with a bright red one, and fans made light of this, as seen in this hilarious meme. This EU was the continuation of the Star Wars franchise, from the novels and video games to the toys and animated specials, these stories are known for their powerful characters and world building. However, when Disney bought the franchise they made the EU non-canon, meaning that they had no bearing on the main Star Wars franchise.

We've seen some characters like Admiral Thrawn make their debut in the franchise, but that is far and few between. Fans have been clamoring for the EU to make it's way back to canon status, and this meme perfectly highlights Disney's view on it. In the meme, we see the scene where Anakin falls to the Dark Side, learning about a way to save Padme that the Jedi won't teach.

The original Star Wars film franchise may have cemented the franchise in history, but it wasn't the end. The franchise explored elements of the Star Wars mythology that no one had ever done before and made the show one of the most highly regarded Star Wars stories outside of the films themselves.

However, after the show was canceled it was shortly replaced with Star Wars: While fans loved this new series, it became apparent to others that it was a product of Disney's acquisition and didn't always have the same connection that The Clone Wars had.

This caused him to be filled with anger and grief, and he took out his anger on the people responsible for her demise. It was meant as an emotional moment shared between the young Jedi and the senator, one which cemented their bond forever.

In this meme, however, we take that emotion out of the equation as Anakin is replaced with Mickey Mouse, and Mickey makes a confession of his own. He has bought the rights to FOX franchises. It's a hilarious way of making fun of the recent purchase Disney made for FOX, especially their Marvel characters. You see in the films, Vader was tasked with doing the bidding of his master, Emperor Palpatine.

The Emperor would send Vader out to be his weapon against those who rebelled against the Empire. Vader was tasked with destroying entire planets, taking out politicians and soldiers who disobeyed or went against the Empire's wishes, and even bring powerful foes to the Emperor to be either turned to the dark side or to be destroyed, as he did with his own son, Luke Skywalker.

However, in this meme, we see Vader is getting some very different orders these days. Now you can find Vader walking around Disney theme parks, taking pictures with young children and even signing their autograph books. He's even a featured attraction at Disneyland itself.

The director and creator of the franchise, he created the very first film, and his company Lucasfilm took on the task of building the franchise into what it is today. Without George Lucas, Star Wars would have been just another failed science fiction film in the 70s.

For years leading up to his retirement, he was confident that the franchise would end with him, destined to live on only in the memories of his past. However, the Disney brand had some very different ideas, and this meme hilariously shows the vast difference before and after the merger.

While Lucas may have scoffed at his story being taken over by other filmmakers in the past, the vast amount of wealth he accumulated after the merger cemented his newfound belief that others could turn the franchise into much more than he ever anticipated.

In fact, before them, a blockbuster company was turned into an even bigger powerhouse. That brand was none other than Marvel Comics. The MCU as it's known in the film industry follows the film versions of several superheroes from the Marvel Universe. These heroes have become so popular that the MCU films are now the highest standard of superhero films to be made, with the DC Comics films often being compared to the MCU despite their very different superhero styles.

In this meme, we see the hilarity of these two franchises becoming part of the same entertainment company. In fact, some argue that the newer films, in particular, are a major step up from the prequel series. It's a fantastic role reversal. Since the company's inception and early days of animation, Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been together.

Despite their fights and disputes, their love is the stuff of animation legend, and now you can't picture one without the other. In this next meme, however, fans decided to showcase one of the downfalls for Disney of acquiring Star Wars. You see, in the first Star Wars film, Luke Skywalker has a crush on Princess Leia, and in the second film, she even kisses Luke for good luck.

Now we all know she really loves Han Solo, and Luke casually gives up his crush while he goes on his journey of becoming a Jedi. However, it's revealed that Luke and Leia are brother and sister, making it a bit creepy.

The film depicted the classic alleyway scene, in which the two animals share a romantic dinner of spaghetti and meatballs while being serenaded under the moonlight. The dinner ends with a kiss as the two share a noodle.

It's a cute and romantic moment for the classic animated film. However, this next meme hilariously combines this classic film's poster with the pivotal line from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

In this line, we hear General Akbar exclaim that it's a trap, as the Empire tries to destroy the rebel fleet. However, in this mashup, we see the film has become Lady and the Trap, with Akbar and the Lady set on the romantic date themselves, although I do think the General probably has more on his mind than spaghetti. You see fans of the film Frozen know the character of Hans. Hans is the handsome prince of a far-off land that comes to win the heart of the fair and beautiful Princess Anna.

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40 Great Star Wars Memes to Get You Ready for The Last Jedi

best disney star wars memes for dating