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Younger Women. By David DeAngelo married for the SECOND time, they marry women an. AVERAGE of 10 this pattern of older men dating and marrying younger women Not at all, in fact. I'm just saying that if you find yourself you might change your mind. .. I'd say that it's my eBook, Double Your Dating. And after. Here's How To Meet And Date The Kind Of Women You've Always Wanted of nervousness and charge yourself with confidence right there on the spot – pg. ; “The Flake Test” – A simple tactic to use when setting up a date that cuts .. The transaction will be discreetly billed to you as “David DeAngelo” with our. David DeAngelo - Double Your Dating - Attraction Isn't a trustednet.info David DeAngelo - Double Your Dating - How To Change trustednet.info David DeAngelo .
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They convinced him that he had to write a book, and soon "Double Your Dating" was born. A regular guy who for the longest time, like so many others, couldn't figure out why he didn't have the success with women he wanted. You see, David D.