Circular dating by rori raye

circular dating by rori raye

Here's a comment from a man - Jim - about Circular Dating: "Ok, First let see if I've got this right? When a woman cd's she dating multiple men simultaneously. One of my totally talented RRRCT coaches, Katy Sykes, saw an entire article centered on Circular Dating posted on a website - with no mention of Rori Raye. I LOVE Circular Dating – and it's amazing how when you're doing it, suddenly you almost get more men that you can handle because I deeply.

circular dating by rori raye

circular dating by rori raye

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Circular dating by rori raye -

What will you truly get out of circular dating? No matter how organised your life or your ideas of how dating or having children or having a relationship should turn out, things happen. The unexpected gets in the way. Has everything gone to plan for you? Then why act as if you can make everything go to plan? Why start trying to control everything? Why not instead, start living and loving? Some women plan to have a baby and be married by That happens, they get married at 28…..

Is it their fault? We are in a game of living and growing. Control is an illusion we create to try to find some security in this crazy world of confusion and pain. Confidence is a feeling of deep certainty within yourself. A feeling of self ownership that no amount of constantly dating other people will EVER replace. And confidence is earned by doing the hard. There is NO shortcut to confidence. Because somewhere inside, we know exactly how HARD they worked for it.

And their body and mind and their actions are congruent with their sense of self ownership. Do you admire people who have the ability to go to the toilet and do their business? That is pretty easily done. But we admire people who have a deep sense of confidence for one reason: More Sanity Through Circular Dating? But most likely not. Drama and uncertainty comes from you as well. It comes from the story that you tell yourself in your own head, and therefore experience in real life.

I recommend, if you want to, to date different men when you are single. No problem with that at all. Do not start circular dating to get a commitment from a man. I am not here to tell you what to do. I want you to choose. I have the privilege of teaching you how to do this in Commitment Control 2.

Find out more, click on this link to register to watch our Commitment Masterclass. You are still being passive. Assuming that your power is only so strong as going out to date different men and taking whichever date you get first is not power. This is the secret behind attracting the right types of men! Being on the EFFECT side of things assumes that you have little power to inspire commitment and more intense feelings of attraction in the man you want.

That is pure lunacy. You have far more influence to enchant any man than you could ever dream possible. It simply takes you to start being on the cause end of things, rather than the effect end of things, and being passive.

If you want to open, you do it right now. You do it as you read. You do it as you walk… You read something that touches a nerve, and you let yourself break down.

You walk past a mother and a baby, and you wish you had that, and you allow the emotional wound to open and to allow the burning feeling of yearning in your heart to fire up. You are with a man who is not giving you the attention you want, and you allow yourself to open either alone in the dark or WITH him, and you cry or you feel intensely hurt and angry, simply because of life.

Not because of HIM. And that really, really hurts. And you open by showing that, experiencing that truth. And sharing it firstly with yourself, and perhaps with him.

See, opening has nothing to do with circular dating. Open now and you will either get rid of the man you currently love, or you walk out on the street as an open, beautiful woman and because of that openness, you will attract a good man. A quick way to create some High Value for yourself. Hoping he will commit. Or the woman who left when it was hard.

And all of a sudden, you probably seem like a fearful woman who needs to date other men to feel confident and to try to TAKE a commitment from the best man that she can get it from. Circular dating is NOT a solution based on a true understanding of men. You are trying to force him or some other man in to a commitment by trapping him.

And a man wants to feel fee WITH you. Men have spent millenia running from Low Value women who try to just trap them out of fear. Essentially, if you circular date to get a commitment, the man will feel everything as a restriction of his freedom. If you want to get it in that way, no man will ever feel free with you and you will be single and childless forever. Has it Actually Changed your Mindset? You need a commitment. Or so you think you do. So you go date other men to get that commitment.

Are you assuming that some other man will be better? Well, what if he is? Can you rely on that? I forgot the wisdom about men needing time alone after cycles of intimacy.

I kept nagging him about every little thing he said and how he said it. This after him showing increasingly serious signs of being very into me. None of my friends could believe it. But I can believe it — I scared him off.

We are still in touch and very loving and friendly to each other. He started as an EUM but holding my ground turned him into a prince. Then holding my ground when it was time to let down my guard turned him back into a frog. He was pursuing me hardcore and showering me with affection until that fight. He still wants to hang out, he still recognizes that I am an amazing woman in life, and I get the sense the door is still open in many ways.

I get so anxious and insecure… I need help taking my power back. I feel so anxious now that we are broken up, but I felt anxious all the time when I was with him, too! So I know this is on me. I feel so foolish for scaring him off so bad.

He was really into me. Do you think your eBook is a good fit for me? Or is this situation too weird? Thanks for taking the time to read this and answer me.

I appreciate the way you put yourself out there to help others, even if it does start a war online sometimes and bring out the sassiness in all of us;. Much love to you. I was feeling anxious for nothing. Of course, he called me the instant i had sincerely forgotten completely about him and wanting to hear from him.

I was so focused on meeting my girl friend and going on a super fun shopping trip, that I forgot he even existed. I applaud her sober view on sex that resonates with me more than any other coach I know. And her concept of circular dating has been a practice of mine even before I found her though her circular dating is not all about dating per se.

Shirley here is just one of such casualties that they suspected. Rori Raye talks a lot about feeling messages. Related to above, my method lies heavily on inner work, on figuring out why we think, feel and act the way we do and work to change that to the better. For them being authentic is about airing their grievances whenever they want it, uncaring about how that might come across to the other person and how that can push him away. Inner work grounds you and as such you become so much less reactive in the face of things that used to upset you so much.

This is the secret why my method works like a charm. Leaning back is the answer to attracting masculine guys. When leaning back is a way of being, a woman is very irresistible on that virtue alone.

The reason why my method works is also because I cut though the roots of our anxiety: And expectations come from the yearning inside of us for validation or feeling fullness.

Once my clients do the work that allows them to be full within without a dependence of any external factor and surrender to acceptance of what is, they become a transformed person overnight. And their men and relationships are transformed too as the result. FM work in moderation. In relationship, leading with fear and agenda rarely works. It feels masculine, pushy and controlling to a man as well.

This is why my method is so feminine-energy based. There is no other way. As I always say your energy will define the kind of relationship you have, whether it will deepen or flounder.

circular dating by rori raye