American woman dating a greek man

american woman dating a greek man

This post is for all out there who: Aspire to come to Greece and live their summer love. It is for those who me a girl/guy from Greece abroad. Culturally Greek guys that reject the machismo Greek he-man "magas" subculture and the American she-man "metrosexual" subculture expect to find a woman that's his If he's an investment banker, he's not going to date women that earn. Jun 23, It depends whether the Greek or Greek american has absorbed the mores of a Perhaps the answer then is to re educate Greek men and women in a .. I am dating a Greek man, and he worships is good looking, mid.
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What do Greek guys look for in girls?

american woman dating a greek man

This may sound optimistically post-racial, but I no longer see Marios as white or even Greek. The study indicated that many women in this category would prefer to be married, but the statistics are stacked against them. Why pay almost 3 euros for a pack of cigarettes when you can buy a carton of 10 for only 10 euros? But is the grass really any greener?

american woman dating a greek man

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I am embarrassed to admit this now, but the primary reason why I didn't understand that he was asking me on a date was that he is white and I am black. In hindsight, I have wondered about my admittedly close-minded behavior.

I have friends of other ethnic groups, male and female. But, in my personal fairytale I have always imagined a black prince charming at the end of the aisle, and that has influenced my choices in terms of dating.

Luckily for me opportunity knocked twice, Marios and I ended up going out the following weekend and things have been wonderful ever since. A few weeks ago, as Marios and I lounged on the sandy beaches of his native Rhodes, a sobering study was released about the marriage patterns of black women with graduate degrees.

The study indicated that many women in this category would prefer to be married, but the statistics are stacked against them.

Americans tend to marry someone with an educational background that is similar to their own. Census data indicate that seven out of ten African American graduate students are women. So, if these black women only date their highly educated black male counterparts the dating pool is frighteningly shallow. The study along with subsequent articles and blogs have created a lot of conversation.

And if you are a woman with a little muscle tone, you are doomed to a dateless future. You will inspire awe, but not commitment. As one year-old man explained to me, if I want to find a man I have to look less independent. You look too strong and confident. The Working Woman in Greece Unfortunately, the employment experience for a foreign woman in Greece is on par with the dating scene. Beware the snare of clever employers that will lose no time in taking advantage of your ignorance of labor laws in Greece.

If you find work through an employment agency in your own country, your rights will usually be protected, but venture out on your own and you are sure to be exploited.

At one interview for an administrative position in a school, I was asked by my male interviewer how I would handle sexual harassment coming from my boss in other words, himself versus an overture by the janitor. In general, as a woman in Greece, foreign or not, you will be overworked, underpaid, and easily replaced unless you have something very special to offer.

To make money in Greece, you must do it illegally. Those who record their incomes honestly are usually rewarded by the government with a huge fine for some honest mistake in their books. Illegality is so much a part of the system in Greece that if you own a business of your own, every 3 years the tax office I call them the Tax Mafia offers to let you pay a nice little sum starting at around euros for small businesses up front and thereby avoid being audited.

Why pay the euros needed for the mandatory driving lessons when you already know how to drive and can pay someone half that to get a proper license from an employee of the Ministry of Transportation? Need your car to pass inspection? You come out cheaper and far less hassled if you just pay someone who works there to pass it for you. Try to do things the proper way in Greece and you will be strangled by red tape and gagged with fines. Shopping on the black market is also a necessity if you are trying to live on a Greek salary.

Why pay almost 3 euros for a pack of cigarettes when you can buy a carton of 10 for only 10 euros? But whether you smoke or not, buying something in this manner is an interesting experience. After weeks of walking past women furtively calling out "Tsigara! After looking me up and down, one of the a women firmly told me to wait while she ran off to a public trash bin, dug out a carefully covered blue plastic bag, and from there extracted a carton of my brand.

Last week I learned that the smugglers had been caught and a huge supply of their untaxed cigarettes had been seized. I wonder how Athenians will fare with all these strict new traffic laws enacted temporarily for the Olympics?

It is only 30 years that Greece has been free from a dictatorship preceded by wars and famine. We mostly seem to miss friends, sea, sun, beaches, food, wine, talking out loud and many more.

You can swim in Greek beaches without being afraid you might get eaten by any kind of mammal. You can walk in Greek forests without thinking that all plantation and insects may kill you. Music As in all countries we have our own music, deeply rooted in tradition. It is a combination of ethnic and jazz maybe, but not exactly there.

As in all nations our music expresses emotions of the moment or of the past. Depending on where you come from in Greece, local music produces feelings of heroism, sadness, festivity, humor or even… seduction.

In the past it was our way for opposite sexes to come closer when society customs were strict. Our dad is our hero A hero for girls and the first heroic model for boys. The bond that is formed between a father and his children never breaks but only with death.

This is something still alive in Greece along with the family concept. Especially for Greek men that is true. Respect it, even if it is not like that. It will save you lots of trouble. Our families are huge They are due to the concept of family that still exists in Greece. Even with their flaws, extended families exist. In many countries families break after kids reach adulthood. When abroad, the family concept is -deliberately- cultivated as way to protect kids.

This has a good and a bad side, though. Many times kids are over-pampered. We are in for adventures. Adventures wink wink So many songs written about broken hearts in Greece. Yet love affairs are not the only adventures we are into. We tend to think out of the box. We are inventive and maybe that is the reason we thrive in environments where thinking like that is necessary. We break the rules.

Sometimes with good, while others with bad results. Many times we neglect safety and reason. We love our past. We also have near-mythical origins. Do we need an article for that? Our history is taught all over the world.

When we are pressed down we seem to bring up our best to help.