Xiumin and luhan dating scandal

xiumin and luhan dating scandal

What rumors or confirmed stories surrounding the EXO members have . Xiumin currently does not have a girlfriend because there have been. EXO's Minseok and Luhan dating rumor - SM confirms it's true The couple was spotted walking together only couple days before the scandal. It goes without saying that Sehun is one of the most popular members in EXO, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have the same problems.

xiumin and luhan dating scandal

Xiumin and luhan dating scandal - An EXO sasaeng I talked with

We love you Kai however you were born. I think he really doesn't mind who he dates as long as he likes them. He has displayed a very strong "Who cares" attitude when it comes to his ships. If he's tired and a shoulder is available, he's going to use it if he's comfortable with that person. If I had to pick, I'd say bisexual. He's shown equal affection to the girls as he does to the boys. You may have to baby him since he really seems to like having someone care for him or really display affection towards him but I doubt he'd have any trouble getting that attention.

If one was the hardest to figure out, it would definitely be Kyungsoo. He has so many straight masculine traits as well as many possibly gay ones.

I'm really stuck between straight and bisexual. I don't think he's fully gay but there's a chance he could be bisexual. Namely his friendship with Kai is what brought me to terms with him possibly being bisexual. Kai is probably the only person I've seen Kyungsoo let touch him consistently and not show anger or irritation at him. That's something that shouts a very strong bond between the two as Kyungsoo is infamous for his hatred of being touched and toyed with by other members. If he was bisexual, my guess is Kai was the first and only one to make him think that way.

I think most can call this one without much thought. He displays skinship on a very standard and straight level which never leaves the viewer questioning anything. He's the papa of the crew and even if he were gay or bisexual he'd never do anything with any of them. I sure wish he was gay but I'll admit, he's never shown much that made me wonder.

He's close with Xiumin but I think that's similar to Kris and Tao's friendship. They are the two Korean members of the Chinese section and were often away from their homes. They sought a bond to keep them together while they were away and that's it. Chen, my dear, you've made a lot of guys sad.

My ultimate bias but I must declare him as straight as a degree line. He enjoys skinship but you don't see him out and about making questionable touches or glances at other members. Honestly he probably wants someone, first off his own age, and very feminine. He looks like someone to shower a girl with love and affection so take advantage of it girls! I guess he and I could just be drinking buddies.

More straight than bisexual but I wouldn't be surprised if he was down to experiment. When it comes to how people handle an inner conflict like sexuality, they tend to express it in different ways. He expresses it through speaking and being loud. He loves to be involved and experience new things. Maybe at one point he thought he'd try out a guy, maybe it was another member but we'll never know.

But I do think he probably is entirely straight. This one seems to have people split. I say he's straight. I will say, though, that I highly doubt he's dating Taeyeon. The "scandal" had evidence that seemed far too polished and came out right when news of Kris' departure began to spread.

That being said, I don't see why he wouldn't be straight. He does feminine things but that is more just the Korean culture coming out.

He loves to look good and won't hesitate to tell you he is. He doesn't give the looks or body motions I would typically see nor does he do a whole lot with shipping. He's definitely had his moments his scene with Sehun was quite a treat for many but I see it as only fan service.

He has shown a knowledge of how to use fan service to improve his image. Honestly, again, I wish he was gay but he comes across very straight. He's just so damn innocent and loving you can't help but wanna scoop him up and carry him away.

It's clear when he's done with his crazy idol years he wants a nice quiet life with a wife and kids and maybe lead his own little music production company, possibly the one SM made for him in China. He's a simple guy who appreciates the simple pleasures of life and doesn't deviate from his own beliefs. We all have seen it. All of it points to being gay. If he isn't, I'll seriously be shocked and would even give out an apology. He loves to be coddled. He loves to be cared for and have things bought for him.

He looked disgusted when Sehun accidentally kissed Lay but his expression was so over the top I couldn't help but call it an act. I feel that he, similar to Kai, feels afraid about being seen as gay as he performs for a culture that doesn't have the most positive views towards homosexuality.

But where Kai just stays quiet and watches his actions, Tao actively tries to disprove them, and unfortunately fails pretty epically. Wushu, his preferred style of Kung Fu, is extremely well honed and when he does it he does come off as extremely masculine. The problem is with how he handles messing it up. Why is everyone so desperate to take EXO down? Rania uploaded this and then deleted it, so then that means it's been a while since the OP had it saved in his comp. What's his reason for uploading it now?

If Rania's the one that uploaded the pictures, the focus should be "Rania drinking with boys", not the other way around. Rania called them out, Rania took those pictures, and Rania uploaded them. The direction of our hate shouldn't be on EXO but on Rania for calling rookies out to drink and uploading pictures of it as proof.

SNSD gets hated on just for breathing air.. He was young and immature and everyone makes mistakes. Just move on and ignore the hate. Just think of it as fandoms feeling intimidated. SNSD has never caused a scandal 6 years into their debut and they still get hated on. There's no use arguing it. Little Hannie looks really cool in his dance with BoA!

Who is XIUMIN’s girlfriend? Lovelife of XIUMIN from EXO

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