Wooyoung and iu dating 2012 best

wooyoung and iu dating 2012 best

Wooyoung was the one who made the reservation at that ribeye meat . When Jiyeon made her solo comeback, IU did a video congratulating Jiyeon and wished her the best. . Lmao, pressed people cause of her dating twisted ( notice how all the scandals in that post were or before), so now she is. 2PM Taecyeon revealed his good friendship with fellow singer IU. 2PM Taecyeon revealed his good By Staff Reporter | October 01, PM EDT. Jang Woo-young better known mononymously as Wooyoung, is a South Korean singer, On May 24, , it was revealed that Wooyoung would have released a solo album in early July. Nominated – KBS Drama Award for Best Couple ( with IU) . "GIRLFRIEND (彼女 / Kanojo)", Nichkhun x Wooyoung, Galaxy of 2PM.
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Wooyoung and iu dating 2012

Iu and wooyoung dating 2012 ford

wooyoung and iu dating 2012 best

She was also a guest in Kim Taewoo's daughter's first birthday-banquet. Anyhow, I'll translate how IU clarified it sad that no one really knows about it though: When our show ended, he even proposed that we keep in touch.

wooyoung and iu dating 2012 best

Wooyoung and iu dating 2012 best - Introduction

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IU is a real god fan, since she was 8 years old. On a program, she brought out old posters and old magazine rip-outs of god pictures from back in the day and old pictures her wearing god fan-clothing when she was younger. What never got covered by the media properly, unlike all those derogatory articles based on Wooyoung's comments about IU was IU's personal clarification on this controversy: Anyhow, I'll translate how IU clarified it sad that no one really knows about it though: There were many people there by the number.

I felt apologetic because around 10 people had eaten, so I offered to pay the next chance we get. A few days, we all went out after I said I'll be paying that day, but I don't know if Wooyoung oppa wanted to play a prank on me, but he reserved seatings at a barbecue meat restaurant pretty pricey in Korea.

Anyhow, we went but upon getting there, he said that we could eat pork belly pork is wayyyy cheaper than beef. We reserved and came to a beef restaurant, but now, he says we should eat pork belly here out of all places I said that it's fine and we should eat beef, and so we ordered ribeye and ate a lot. So this time around, we had fun talking and eating, but when done eating, the bill came out to be a lot. Because 10 of us ate. So, as a joke, I said, "Oppa, if I step out to pay the bill and it turns out you already paid for me, then you'd be a totally cool guy.

So I really regretted it. It [the joke] bothered me, bothered me a lot. So I kept asking him why he paid for it, and he just responded that it was only mannerly of him to do so.

I was determined to buy the next time because I ended up eating expensive dinners for free twice because of him. I felt really sorry, to oppa. It was such a big bill I was reluctant to pay it, but my manager kept ushering me to do it and we ended up splitting between him and me.

And she pestered me with all these Why'd-you-do it questionings through text when she's the one who implied I pay. IU even went to Wooyoung's birthday party. But then, because the cast was promoting Dream High in Japan, there were get-together's with the cast and staff. I'm going to go crazy, really Why are you tweeting all this instead of using KakaoTalk So obviously, to netizens and fans who do not know the truth, it's like Wooyoung's so nice to stay close to IU even after all that happened.

And because of that extra "you left early, that's lame" comment, people naturally start saying, "Wow, she's so rude to leave early. When our show ended, he even proposed that we keep in touch. I kept on sending him texts, but he never replied to any of them!

She also revealed that she prefers 'good boy' Lee Hyun to 'bad boy' Simon D. He used to do a radio show and IU guested so often that she was practically a permanent guest there.

Simon D also said in another show that one of his biggest regrets was that when IU was a lot less popular, she asked him to feature in one of her songs but he declined and that he regrets ignoring her request back then.

But she did call back much later in the show and it was to Thunder.