Watch thats so raven hearts and minds online dating

watch thats so raven hearts and minds online dating

Original air date, July 28, Guest appearance(s). "Checkin' Out": Phill Lewis · Cole Sprouse · Dylan Sprouse "Suite Life: Raven-Symoné The three episodes of the crossover were watched by – million viewers. . but changes her mind when teen pop star Hannah Montana checks in and admires Raven's dress, . With Raven-Symoné, Orlando Brown, Kyle Massey, Anneliese van der Pol. Its Valentine's Day and Raven gets a vision that nobody wants to be Cory's valentine, Cory is having difficulty talking to one particular girl, Raven asks Release Date: Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Video Watch Movies & TV Online · Prime Video. No ordinary teenager; Raven Baxter can see glimpses of the future! Watch her schemes and misadventures as she enlists the help of friends, Watch Online. Episodes. Season 4. Ep. Title, Genre, Rating, End Date, Watch . Hearts and Minds.

watch thats so raven hearts and minds online dating

Watch thats so raven hearts and minds online dating - Hearts and Minds

He is like a "big brother" to Cory Baxter and was commonly portrayed as playful, ambitious, loyal, girl crazy and quick to jump to conclusions. Occasionally, he says "Told ya! Another common catchphrase of his is "Holla! His parents are divorced, which is mentioned several times throughout the series. It is also said that he has a little brother. In one episode, Eddie and Raven not only start to develop romantic feelings for each other but they also kiss on the lips at two separate times; however, by the end of the episode, they decide to remain friends though its strongly implied they're still interested in one another.

Eddie has appeared in every episode except Juicer Consequences. Kyle Massey portrays Cory Baxter. Cory is Raven's younger brother who sometimes acts as the main antagonist of the series. He and Raven often argue, but in the long run, they care deeply for each other.

Even as he gets older, he claims that playing pranks on Raven is one of his guilty pleasures. Cory has two best friends, William and Larry. Together, the 3 boys form the band Cory and the Boys, with Cory as the drummer and lead singer, while Larry is the guitarist. William starts out playing the clarinet and then plays the keyboard. The band has one song: Cory is an aspiring businessman. He is shown to be obsessed with money and often creates "get-rich-quick" schemes behind his parents' backs, in which he always gets into trouble.

Cory also has a close relationship with his pet rat, Lionel. Earlier in the series, he had a crush on Chelsea. In the third season starts a relationship with Cindy. He and Victor are the main characters in the spin-off series Cory in the House. He has appeared in every episode of the series, along with his older sister Raven. Anneliese van der Pol portrays Chelsea Daniels.

Often referred to as Chels, She is Raven's female best friend. She is an environmentalist, vegetarian, and closet artist.

She is portrayed as being clumsy and dimwitted although the first two seasons portray her to be just as smart as Raven, but to extreme limits ; at times, her stupidity is so potent that she is frequently oblivious to what should be obvious and unable to discern sarcasm from sincerity.

She usually uses the catchphrases "That makes more sense! Despite her apparent lack of common sense and intelligence, she has a few surprises up her sleeve—such as occasionally knowing certain "smart" things, which usually tends to surprise everyone else. In Season 1, it is revealed that Raven and Chelsea's friendship goes all the way back to when they were in pre-school, but she was also shown to be dimwitted back then because she did not notice Raven blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.

It should also be noted that Chelsea was just as caring when she was young as she is now because one of her unfulfilled wishes on that same birthday was to stop global warming. She is quite similar to Newt from Cory in the House in personality. She is very passionate in saving the environment and caring for the animals, and also much more spiritual compared to Raven who can be materialistic, though it occasionally leads to troubling events like the three friends disputing over a goat and nearly turning herself and Raven into cows.

In earlier episodes, Cory has a huge crush on her and unsuccessfully pursues her. Occasionally, Chelsea refers to a specific relative, Cousin Earl, at times. Her parents are Therapists. She also has a dog named Sam. In the second spin-off, Raven's Home , Chelsea is a divorced single mother with a son - Levi, who both live with Raven after the divorce. Tanya is the mother of Raven and Cory, and wife of Victor. She is a firm, but fun and caring mother who, despite the antics of her children, is always there for them.

She halted her studies to raise her family, but decided once the children were older to continue studying law. Before that, she briefly worked as Raven's English teacher at the request of Raven's school principal.

Her catchphrase is "Momma like! It's learned that her mother, Viv, is also psychic. In season 4, Tanya is not present; it is said that she has gone off to England to attend law school. On Cory in the House , she is still in England and she does not visit Cory and Victor but is mentioned. In the pilot episode of Raven's Home , it is revealed by Booker that Tanya is still living.

He starts out as a chef in a restaurant, but he later opens his own restaurant, The Chill Grill. His biggest rival is Leonard Stevenson. In Cory in the House, he gets a job as the President's chef, and it is unknown what became of his restaurant. His catchphrases are "Here comes the pain!

She also sponsors the Bayside Barracudian newspaper. Retailers say she takes too many freebies. She has appeared in several episodes throughout the series. Whenever she is in a conversation with someone, she quickly gets their hopes up with positive responses, followed by a sly laugh, and an abrupt "NO! He previously had braces on his teeth and bad acne, and was known as "Bucktooth Carter".

After he had his braces removed and his face "cleared up" over the summer, and came back to school, Raven and Alana were constantly fighting to be his girlfriend. He eventually becomes Raven's boyfriend, and continues to be, even after he moves to Seattle, Washington.

Although he and his family move to Seattle, he still sees Raven when his father visits San Francisco on business trips. After his family leaves Tanya assures Raven that Devon will always be in her heart. Even though they say they are each other's "only love", we also see Raven have numerous crushes between Devon's visits.

Devon has a little sister named Nadine who is jealous of Raven because she doesn't want to share her big brother. In the second spin-off, Raven's Home , Devon and Raven eventually married but got divorced. In between that time, they had two children, Nia and Booker, the latter of whom shares Raven's ability to see into the future. She finds great pleasure in teasing and bullying Raven.

She hangs out with her posse, which includes followers Muffy and Loka. She was first introduced in Season 2 in the episode "Don't Have a Cow". In "Run Raven Run", we learn that Alana and Raven were best friends until 4th grade when a school play had them both competing for the role of the Tooth Fairy which Raven got, while Alana portrayed the tooth decay , and would ultimately end their friendship.

Alana and Raven almost became friends again when Raven "teamed up" with Alana's posse in the episode "Clothes Minded" , which happens after Chelsea and Eddie do not support Raven's school "protest".

This causes her to get her head shaved and covered up. In this episode, Raven and Alana almost become friends again, until Alana announces that "the score is 1—0". She was replaced in season 3 by Bianca Erica Rivera , because, according to Muffy, she was so bad, she got sent to military school , while Bianca was so bad that she got kicked out of military school.

Bianca, played by Erica Rivera Bianca is Raven's enemy in two episodes of season 3, she replaced Alana when she was sent to military school and she took over Alana's posse. She did not appear in season 4, she was maybe sent back to military school leaving Muffy as Raven's foremost enemy. Her role in the posse is to record important events like an organizer and tends to explain what Alana and, later on, Bianca say which is usually brief.

She took over as Raven's foremost enemy after Bianca left. There is some speculation that she might be psychic because she knows everything that Alana and Bianca are thinking. She also has a younger sister, Buffy, who is Sydney's age, and enemy. She is rough, and she did the "bad work" for Alana and then Bianca. She is a tall girl, whom nobody likes to mess with. She is also romantically interested in Eddie; she likes to give him arm punches every time she sees him.

She is obsessed with the boy band Boyz 'N Motion, and also loves s'mores , as seen in the episode "Shake, Rattle, and Rae". Unlike Muffy, Bianca, or Alana, it shows in later episodes season 3 , she doesn't have it out personally for Raven. Donna gives her a Secretech, a device for secretaries that helps organize events and has Raven conduct a video conference on it. She assures Donna that she knows how to use one, even though she doesn't, and no one can help her.

She accidentally sends the photographer, Pistache, to the Tipton in Milan , Italy. Also, the models Juan and Kvelte did not get their plane ticket from Raven, so the models are stuck in the made-up country of Budapragoslovakia.

While Raven is talking to Zack and Cody she has a vision. She tells them to put their hands out and they end up catching a celebrity, Tyler Tiffany Thornton which is how she gets the twins to help her. As a result, Raven substitutes the fashion models with Zack and Cody, and she pretends to be Pistache.

Donna Cabonna finds out the bad news so she tries to take matters into her own hands by impersonating the photographer too. As the two Pistache impersonators are doing the photo shoot, the real Pistache comes in, having arrived by "an outrageously expensive private jet" billed to Donna Cabona. She notes that Zack and Cody are not the models she chose, but they are even better. She tells them to turn around and she takes pictures of their backs. The episode seems to end on a happy note with Raven's vision that has Donna Cabonna saying that the boy's line is a success.

However, the episode turns sour when Raven misses her flight because her Secretech has the wrong time in Boston which is 3 hours ahead from San Francisco. Meanwhile, Cory and Eddie find out that Chelsea is a natural at paddleball, so they try to get Chelsea to break the record for the world's longest paddleball session so they can claim the prize money.

They think they have the record in the bag until the competition—none other than Stanley—proves to be a formidable paddle ball opponent. Chelsea scams Stanley and wins the title and prize money. She then feels bad and ends up giving Stanley the money. Cory and Eddie are furious with Chelsea because Stanley has scammed her. Chelsea responds that not only does she not feel scammed but both she and Stanley got what they wanted, the record and the money respectively.

When Eddie and Cory protest that they did not get what they wanted a share of the prize money , she slyly responds that they "got what they deserved" which was nothing.

That’s So Raven (2003–2007)

watch thats so raven hearts and minds online dating

She is portrayed as being clumsy and dimwitted although the first two seasons portray her to be just as smart as Raven, but to extreme limits ; at times, her stupidity is so potent that she is frequently oblivious to what should be obvious and unable to discern sarcasm from sincerity. She usually uses the catchphrases "That makes more sense!

watch thats so raven hearts and minds online dating

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