Sharon raydor and andy flynn dating

sharon raydor and andy flynn dating

Nov 1, colleagues Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) and Andy Flynn (Tony Denison) "They are cautiously optimistic that they can date," executive. Jun 28, Sharon Raydor. A fourth It's in relation to #Shandy (Sharon + Andy), Flynn's relationship with Capt. Raydor. Tony Denison: I spend a lot of my social life dating obviously, but I also spend a lot of it in recovery. I try to be of. Sharon convinces Andy to attend his daughter Nicole's telling him that they are "old-fashioned dating" with Flynn.
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sharon raydor and andy flynn dating

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Andy combed through the firing range user logs where all of the other victims had been visiting and found Greg Miller's name, the son of Det. Miller, who lives at home. Provenza told him that they needed a truce with Capt. Raydor and they needed to follow protocol and get a search warrant beforehand so the investigation would not be jeopardized for the sake of the multiple victims. When Flynn finally managed to get a search warrant for the purse, he opened it with Det.

Sanchez and the two searched it's contents at the hospital where the suspect was being treated in, during which Raydor arrived and asked Flynn if he had a search warrant.

Flynn showed Sharon the warrant and asked her if she though Andy was "new at this", even though he previously wanted to just open the purse without permission. Andy promised to take her and Rusty to dinner and even arranged a hotel room for her. When Flynn and Rusty were waiting for Sharon Beck at the bus station, Flynn found out that she had gotten of the bus at Bakersfield.

Raydor that they would stay at work until Rusty was found. When Raydor returned home, she found Rusty there waiting for her, giving her great relief, followed by a call to Provenza so they could call of the search for Rusty and go home themselves.

Officer Watson talking to a maid as the lieutenants watch over. Neither were happy that they missed the Fourth of July Dodgers game as a result which was described as "the game of the century", though everyone saw it on TV in Sharon's condo afterwards. Despite this, he aids Rusty and Andrea Hobbs in their efforts to learn more about Mariana and secure Gustavo Wallace 's cooperation in Mariana's murder trial.

To this end, after learning that Gus wants custody of his little sister Paloma rather than their mother and abusive step-father, Flynn offers to conduct an unofficial search for Paloma so that she won't be immediately returned to her family or sent to foster care in Nevada. Flynn warns Rusty that while he will search, he can't be held responsible for the consequences that will come from locating Paloma. Flynn's search locates Paloma in a good foster home monitored by Rusty's old caseworker Cynthia.

However, as Flynn predicted, there are consequences: Either option will destroy the new life Paloma has built for herself. Ultimately, a deal is established with Gus where in exchange for his testimony, he can't see Paloma until she's 18 when his presence in her life won't destroy the new life she built. Flynn attends Mariana's funeral and watches as the squad comforts Gus over the resolution that occurred to his search for his sisters.

Flynn's testimony in Slider 's trial for murdering Mariana is vital to his conviction and eventual death sentence. He moves in with Sharon and Rusty. He will also be monitored by Patrice who was asked by Provenza to hang out with him when Sharon and Rusty are not home. After collapsing due to a dizzy spell near Thanksgiving, Flynn goes in for surgery on Thanksgiving Day to remove the blood clot which had moved to a more dangerous position near his ear as a result of the fall.

Flynn survives the surgery and recovers. During Season 5 of Major Crimes he started looking for a new house, which would be closer to work and Sharon. The two eventually decide to start looking for a bigger home where they could all live together, although Rusty seems to disagree with this decision.

This is settled when he approaches Andy in " Skin Deep ", asking if he will be in the way in the couple's new home and Andy assures him that he had not even considered that Rusty would not be there, and that they will bring him to see any house they are seriously considering. Let's put out a press release saying the rumors of molestation are groundless. Wait, wait, hold on. There are no rumors. You want our media friends to have an alternative to the story about race, right?

Would telling reporters that we are trying to head off rumors of child molestation protect us from liability issues? Yes, but I don't see how that would help us with this case. Not only will it help, but if Frey is the man we think he is, a story saying we've cleared him of sexually assaulting a minor might be our only chance of putting him away.

Sorry to bother you. I was just wondering My daughter's wedding is You decided to go. Yeah - even though most of the people there hate me. I think it's the right decision. Could you use a buffer? Lieutenant Provenza has volunteered to take Rusty out for burgers, and, um, I like weddings. Well, how would I introduce you? How about as your friend Sharon?

sharon raydor and andy flynn dating