Radiocarbon determinations luminescence dating and australian archaeology

Archaeological Sites in Australia - Composition, Compilation The AustArch dataset (Williams and Ulm ) consists of 5, radiocarbon determinations from 1, ages, comprising optically stimulated luminescence (n=), and spread of archaeological work across the country to date, and areas. Yamaji Language Centre, P.O. Box , Geraldton, WA Australia by luminescence dates from several archaeological sites in northern Australia that suggest people arrived .. Pleistocene radiocarbon determinations in Australia. A Student Guide to Archaeological Analyses Jane Balme, Alistair Paterson Allen, J. () Radiocarbon determinations, luminescence dating and Australian.

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Recently, thermal and optically stimulated luminescence dating has been used increasingly at Australian archaeological sites in the absence of organic materials necessary for obtaining radiocarbon determinations eg. The OCR carbon dating technique also has the potential to provide a cost effective alternative to radiocarbon dating at older sites where preservation of cultural charcoal is poor, or as an alternative or corroborative technique to traditional radiometric carbon and luminescence dating. A comparison of periods of soil deposition and periods of soil grov,-th may suggest periods of heavy flood activitj. The El Niilo effect and late Holocene changes in the Australian archaeological record: