Preity zinta and salman khan dating

preity zinta and salman khan dating

Recommended Read: 7 Bollywood Divas Who Dated Salman Khan, The Most Let's take a look at the many men in Preity G Zinta's life. Preity Zinta's bond with Salman Khan has grown over the years, to become one of his family over lunch and dinner dates at his residence or around the city. Preity Zinta's wedding reception was a big day for Salman Khan as well.

Preity zinta and salman khan dating - Preity Zinta & Salman Khan

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preity zinta and salman khan dating

What if he falls? I will get married or not, it is my personal thing. When Preity heard about that Salman was convicted in the blackbuck poaching case and sentenced to a five-year jail term, she rushed to Jodhpur to be by his side. This means that Salman will have to stay behind bars at least until Monday, if he is not granted bail by the sessions court.

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  • Tonight is the second night that Salman Khan will spend in Jodhpur Central Jail.

preity zinta and salman khan dating