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Piper Gilles is a spunky, style savvy skater who with her handsome partner Paul Poirier is intent on wowing the judges at Canadian figure. Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier. Ice dancers Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier perform during the Canadian national championships last weekend in. Piper Gilles is an American-Canadian ice dancer who currently represents Canada internationally. With Paul Poirier, she is the Four Continents silver medalist and a .. Golden Skate. Jump up ^ Cudmore, John (January 19, ). " Unionville's Poirier, partner Piper dance on for date in South Korea". YorkRegion. com.

Meet Piper Gilles, a style savvy skater and partner Paul Poirier

Profile – Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier

And now you're keeping up with it? We always wanted be moving up and I think an important part of our plan is strategically choosing our programs and our themes.

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Piper gilles and paul poirier dating service -

Nowadays, she manages to squeeze her beloved shopping trips into an ultra hectic, intense training schedule, which includes 30 hours a week on the ice and about 7 hours off ice, doing cardio and Pilates. Article Continued Below The dynamic Gilles and Poirier, the Canadian Ice Dance bronze medallists, both understand how the right costumes can give you confidence on the ice.

She adores accessories from Swarovski, L. When it comes to makeup, she swears by M. Gilles also confides that she fantasizes about one day buying a pair of sparkly Christian Louboutin pumps. After all, for skaters, it is often about the footwear. You never know what international podium they could end up on. I defiantly believe there should be a good balance between style and comfort but if I had to choice one is would be Style Style Icon?

Betsey Johnson hands down. She is just this free spirit that makes you want to be like her. And I think that's what we need to do every year - to create a story line and make it believable. I think it just comes with being comfortable together, because we gel better and we're not struggling, we work together very naturally and I have time to think more about my character. So, part of it is just having the mileage with each other and the other part is giving a lot more thought to what each movement means and what each part is.

Sometimes you have an arm movement, and it's a really nice arm movement but if you really invest in it, it makes it much more believable.

This season you worked with Christopher Dean again and, of course, I wanted to ask you about it. But first, how many programs have you done with him over the years? This the short dance of this season - ed is our third. Both of us have worked with Chris before, with our previous partners, so we've had a connection with him for a long time. When we asked him to choreograph the short dance, he hesitated, said he wasn't sure about the new rules.

Let's just play around! It's rather similar to the original set pattern, just having the pasodoble, and then you need to choreograph steps.

Of course, when we came home, we also worked with the coaches, developing the program and pushing it, there were things that we had to change or to make a little bit slower. Chris is always really excited to work with us but obviously we have to make our plans with our coaches and we need to know what we want to do, what we want out of the season. And with the pasodoble and Jayne and Chris' very famous paso from , it just seemed a very natural choice.

So we reached out to him and I think he was really tired, because he'd just finished his tour and that's why he was a little bit hesitant at first, but as we got going he was really excited about the work.

It just ended up working really well and it's a great piece and it also pushes us, in a different way from the free dance. We are quite honored that he wanted us to skate to his original paso, we were a little skeptical at the beginning: Because we are not sure we can do it justice". But I think that we've put our own twist on it. Did you get any feedback from him recently? Did he watch your performances? We haven't talked to him but he did wish us good luck yesterday which was actually really cool.

It's been such a whirlwind since the Grand Prix events, and we haven't had a lot of time. He is a very busy guy; he's got another show in the UK that he's been developing. It's not "Skating with the Stars" but it's another skating show that he's working on. He is often in UK, and he's very, very busy. And so are we. So it's hard to keep in touch all the time, but usually he is pretty supportive of our programs and at the end of the season he usually says "Congratulations, it was a very successful year", and adds words of encouragement.

With those amazing skaters, when they retire you always hope that they will work with the youth and will still be visible in the sport. So I was glad to see your collaboration, but I always wondered why he isn't working with more skaters. I think he is so busy. And a lot of people in the skating world, they have their shows, they do their things It takes up a lot of time.

And all the skaters, we're all very busy with competitions, schedules; it's very hard to coordinate lots of different schedules. Piper, I wanted to ask you about your sister and the show "Frozen. Did you watch it? Her opening night for "Frozen" was in Detroit and we'd just finished our senior B in Barry. So right after that my Mom, my friends and I, we packed our car and drove down to Detroit. It was an amazing show! And everywhere you went there was a little Elsa or little Anna And everyone was singing; it was an incredible experience.

And we got to go backstage and meet all the other people and see how they produce the show. You never think of how much actually goes into a show like that. All those different wigs, all those different dresses! Costume changing areas, the lights Then to be able to take that down after they put it up and then go to another city and put it all back up again, and their schedule is crazy.

But she loves it! She said that it's an experience that she's never going to forget. She is very grateful that she had an opportunity to do it. I guess our personalities are very goofy. I'm a little more bubbly and outgoing, so maybe I'm the Anna in our relationship and she is a little bit more stoic. I'm more curious and she is more like "you go first". So I guess our relationships are kind of similar. If we talk about shows, galas - and you personally are always very creative with your exhibition programs - what do you think about this new arrangement that any skater, not just top placements, might have a chance to be invited to the gala after a competition?

I think the goal of the gala is to do a very entertaining show where people can perform without pressure. Some skaters enjoy that more than others, some like competing and don't like doing galas, and some just love performing for a crowd. At the end of the day the gala is a show, it's for entertainment, there are people buying tickets to watch it, so the best entertainers should be part of it.

And this has given more skaters opportunities to perform and get more exposure to fans that they wouldn't get otherwise. So, yes, I think it's a really great move. I was watching the competition here, not the ice dance, and thinking about things I wanted to ask you. And then suddenly I had this question: We've actually done the headbanger, the bounce spin.

And one of our gala numbers had an overhead lift. And we can kind of do a death spiral or something similar to that. So we've got a little bit more of pairs' stuff. We have a lot of things to explore, but I don't think you're going to be seeing us do any throws in the future. And it's very hard to jump in dance blades. I think we'll keep trying to push our limits in our lifts, so maybe you will see a pairs' entrance or something, but we haven't really thought There are so many things you can do The sky's the limit!

I guess you know that skating fans really love you. I once saw someone write about you on a skating forum, saying: What would this day look like?

That's a really difficult one! Well, we would definitely do something active, we're both active people. You can walk outside of it now! And hang over the edge! You know, I've lived in Toronto my entire life and I went there for the first time two years ago. Maybe we would take them there, yes. Because if we had a date with the fans we would take them to do something we've wanted to do together.

This should be a bit scary and exciting, and they'll be able to see a little bit of our personalities, that we're human and we do get scared.