Kim chiu and xian lim exclusively dating

kim chiu and xian lim exclusively dating

Roughly two months after admitting that she and onscreen partner Xian Lim are already exclusively dating, primetime princess Kim Chiu has. On-screen love team Kim Chiu and Xian Lim have, for the first time, admitted on television that they are seeing each other exclusively. Kim chiu and xian lim exclusively dating. lim and kim chiu star together in the story of us. kemudian, beliau menjadi pelakon undangan dalam telenovela

Kim chiu and xian lim exclusively dating - started dating in September 2011

Prayerful and trusting in God's Divine Providence, Kim thrives. Work hard, pray harder, share seem to be her dictum. Bertrand Russel, philosopher, logician, social critic, etc. Xian, at Kris and Carmina's prodding, is however agreeable to try and try if girls come first. Kim would still get her wish here in God's will and grace always.

If this is still a "special friendship" I now question what the meaning if one is "friendzoned". Marriage and children talks are the prerogative of those who contemplate marrying each other and have kids at some point in time in their lives. Special friends discussing marriage, children?

Another point to ponder and wonder about. Aah, Kim, Xian, you continue to befuddle us. If they can iron these kinks out, then they are on the road to a less bumpy one.

There was this delicate question about their friendship and the reason for it lasting this long - 4 years. Their answers matched well. Xian, is a source of joy and happiness for Kim and vice versa, Kim, the same way for Xian. The "pakpak" at work. Where is this in the equation? In the equation where one vowed to be the other's "pakpak" , wing , heart or what have you; how would one understand this promise in its simplest terms.

I leave the giver, Xian, the honor to show us in God's time when Promise Rings give way to commitment that rings forever for the two in bells, vows, togs, witnesses, proper rings and God's blessing.

Here's one promise Xian has already kept; not one to skip it, lodged in his bucket list, now it's checked which rendered Carmina and Kris all giddy at the thought that there was this promise and it was kept; told in their presence on National TV yet had them all giddy for Kim who acted cool in the presence of camera and the watchful pride-filled eyes of one Xian Lim: Kim also recalled that day saying she was surprised when Xian picked her up in a sports car at her magazine shoot.

Theirs is a togetherness which can be termed, "useless each without the other" from a common friend Jan Enriquez's remarks on his instagram: A male friend, normally, does not censor his friend's wear. A boyfriend on the other hand discusses his waldrobe preferences to his girl. Xian also carefully skirts skin balat in sensitive areas. Notice how Xian puts his hand on Kim's dress avoiding her bare waist.

Kim in stockings and cycling shorts. Xian through Kim's eyes. Xian, well meaning but frequently misunderstood, has a great ally in Kim who maintains her own perception of who and what Xian is in her estimation in the long time they have been bonding together. There is no glossing over Xian. CTO Throwback to the time when stars aligned, heavens smiled and the third on the line became "the one". Dreams do come true for reel and real when Jandy turned KimXi. CTO Just as in the romance novels she reads, Kim dreamt big dreams and now she is living that dream.

He looks like a Prince, talks like a Prince, has a white stead called Porsche Boxter Living the dream, Kim Chiu is. The love that Kim received in full measure from her family fueled her grand desire to help them. Love begetting love begetting love and on and on brimming, spilling over to those around her - her family, her friends, her colleagues, her fans, her man whose name is Xian.

Kim's dreamy look and Xian's signature loving gaze towards Kim, off-cam. Kim, filled with love from her surrogate parents, her Ate Lakam, her grandmother and her family grown closer through the years, radiates a loving persona that attracted a new arrival into the showbiz industry, one struck by her loving ways perceived through her curls and vibrant personality - a boy-man named Xian.

Xian recalled, "She really looks like a loving person. Mukha talaga siyang nagmamahal na tao. Kitang-kita mo naman sa kanya, di ba, may mga tao na parang nambubully. Very dominant na girl.

Kim surrounded by family and extended ones a year after her mother's passing. Kim shared her ideal type with new found friends in the Pinoy Big Brother House at age 16, year The actress explained why Xian is the person she wants to be with: Kim and her happy, red heart. KimXi and friend sharing happiness. God is truly good! Thanks be to God! There is also Kim's privilege of getting a first spin on Xian's Porsche; first swim on his pool; hanging out with his hommies and their girl friends; tagging along with him in his buying sorties for his home, gifting him with some carpets for some feminine touch to his bachelor pad some term it mansion for its size , minding his wardrobe as he does hers among so many other privileges including being introduced to Xian's family--to his loves Lola, Mom, Dad.

In a statement so uncharacteristic of Kim, she answered a resounding YES to the question whether she was willing to move and relocate abroad if Xian were to do it.

In the insignificant little things that they were asked such as food, room, etc. Some fly in the ointment? Xian's ideal marrying age is dictated by his fears of not being able to provide well for the family. Kim, you have 5 years till ends; ample time. Money is the easier problem to solve; emotions and feelings or love once it's gone would be hard to beg or borrow for.

If not for this fluke in the order of things, Xian could not have spent more time with Kim; would not have discovered, the mystique that is Kimmy; the girl-woman who never made herself out as The Kim Chiu but one who was according to him, the "definition of sweet"; "one who had a smile on her face after 24 hours of work"; a nurturing co-star who allowed him to deliver his best; humble and approachable and bubbly and when asked what he liked most of her, he quickly answered, " Constancy is Xian's best trait.

He has been consistent in showing Kim how he cares for her and Kim has blossomed under the Xian "sunshine"! God is good all the time! We know that your happiness is also from Kimmy's own; a never-ending cycle of love that mirrors God's own love for you who are prayerful believers in God's goodness. We are happy where you are happy. Thanks be to God for this man named Xian; he who in his quiet, persistent way has emerged to be the "Pakpak", the wing that Kim needed to fly again. Now, she is flying and how!

One beautiful thing that impressed Xian of Kim is her ability not to let her personal angst interfere with work. Professionalism at its highest is what Kim has been noted for and this can be seen in Ina, Kapatid, Anak , their teleserye after My Binondo Girl. Kim is impressive here with her projection, her skill and her grace.

Xian is also such a positive influence towards Kim that in commiserating with her inadequacies, he managed to build up her confidence toward people and even animals. Kim is now raising 3 pomeranians; is now at home in Conversational English; reading, and even talking to Xian's Mom which Kim found such difficulty in even as late as October, Kim is now free from the shyness that comes when Xian thrusts the phone at her to speak to his Mom.

She continues, according to her, she sees a different glow in Xian's eyes and that is because of Kim Chiu. In the end, she said that she is hoping for her son to get Kim Chiu's approval immediately.

At a friend of Mommy Mary Anne's home; some celebration perhaps. CTO - Photo below: Xian attending a Chiu Family Reunion. Circa - KimXi relationship - please no labels Are Xian Lim left and Kim Chiu right exclusively dating? Xian on his special friendship with Kim: Kim is a "Ten" with the scale still moving according to Xian.

An admission in so many words without the categorical "Yes". Si Kim kapag nakikita ko, parang complete na 'yung araw ko. This past year, every day kami nagkikita. Every friendship is special. She goes out with Xian, barefaced except for some light lipstick, with hair tied in a pony tail, no-fuss wear except for some high wedge shoes in deference to Xian's height and to Xian's eyes still ends up the most beautiful girl in the crowd amidst fully made-up ladies leading one of them to lament on twitter that Kim, fresh-faced, no make-up, glowed and was the most beautiful one among them, echoing Xian!

The simplicity is not only in dress but greatly and more so in her demeanor. There is a straightforwardness that do not allow for misunderstanding. She easily laughs and maintains a level of positivism that amazes people around her. Stress is there and de-stressing has been her forte lately with her El Kabayo, Subic, etc. CTO - Kim shares Xian's sense of adventure.

kim chiu and xian lim exclusively dating

kim chiu and xian lim exclusively dating

Kim Chiu On Xian Lim: "He Brings Out The Best In Me"

Xian Lim and Kim Ciu: They have a kind of “Special Relationship”!

kim chiu and xian lim exclusively dating

From being a stranger from all the way across the world, you became someone I can trust, someone who will be there by my side, fighting and conquering battles of everyday life. Siguro kasi alam niya pong takot ako.

kim chiu and xian lim exclusively dating