Kellyanne judd and wes bergmann dating games

kellyanne judd and wes bergmann dating games

1. Kellyanne and Dunbar Wes upped the ante by pouring a bottle of “cola” on Cara Maria's head Once the game fired Devin to date other people, Kiki got jealous. and Nia's favorite hobby on Real World Portland was to discuss Frank Sweeney, Johnny Bananas, Johnny Reilly, Kellyanne Judd, Kiki. STATUS: Split HISTORY: After meeting during The Real World: Austin, the duo Ruins, along with Wes' new girlfriend KellyAnne Judd (they eventually split). Wes Bergmann and KellyAnne Judd photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

kellyanne judd and wes bergmann dating games

‘The Challenge’ Star Wes Bergmann Announces His Engagement

kellyanne judd and wes bergmann dating games

There was more but I forgot. The one person she's closest to from her season is Parissa who just had her second child and is the most genuine and kind person.

Kellyanne judd and wes bergmann dating games - Relationship Timeline

Trisha ends her relationship with Alex. She does not object to Parisa continuing to see him, but when she asks her not to bring him to the house, she refuses. David and Shauvon share a tearful phone call. Dunbar and Parisa get into an argument over the cleanliness of the house, and he accuses her of being inconsiderate.

Dunbar's girlfriend Julie visits. Shauvon discusses her situation with Trisha and Isaac. Parisa reacts in disbelief when Dunbar claims to have never been mean to her. He later screams at her profanely at Contiki, and is admonished by their supervisor, Chris.

Dunbar says his behavior is simply how he is in life, that Parisa is far more hostile to him, and that his behavior is merely retaliatory. Shauvon tells her housemates that she's moving out, and leaves the next morning.

Contiki sends the group to Cairns , Australia. KellyAnne feels torn between Cohutta and Sutton. At a bar, she dances with a bartender named Prahn, and is disturbed by Parisa when she later does so herself, she confronts Parisa drunk later at the bar. Cohutta and KellyAnne discuss his feelings for her, she feels it is best to stop contacting Sutton.

Shauvon's replacement, Ashli, moves in. Trisha and Parisa observe that Ashli is very much like Trisha, which pleases Trisha, but disappoints Parisa, having hoped the new roommate would be one she could relate to more. Ashli feels Parisa hasn't tried to get to know her, despite her own attempts to do so. Isaac socializes with three girls he met at a bar, but ends the evening when they fail to measure up to Noirin.

Trisha says Parisa has been isolating herself from the others lately, and Parisa regrets that she has treated Ashli as a stranger because of a first impression. At Contiki, the housemates form two teams competing on an assignment, and the winner will receive a trip to Europe.

Ashli laments that Dunbar has a girlfriend, in light of her attraction to him, and is bothered when a blonde girl flirts with him at a club, calling her a "slut" before walking away. Dunbar misses Julie, but gets into an argument with her over her name-calling. Dunbar flirts with Ashli, who feels they would've had sex were it not for Julie. As the housemates clean up, Parisa says she'll do her portion later, which irritates Trisha.

She and Parisa later get into another argument over the phone, and when Parisa accuses of Trisha of preferring to talk to Jarod over her own family, Trisha becomes incensed and shoves Parisa to the floor.

Parisa contacts the producers to complain. KellyAnne predicts Parisa's remaining time in the house will be unpleasant if she sends Trisha home. Parisa feels they are unsympathetic to her point of view, and that Trisha was insincere in her apology. She sends Trisha home. Trisha sees this as confirmation that she is the better person, and accuses Parisa of sending her home because Trisha says what others think of her.

Seeing this as confirmation that Trisha still looks down at everyone, Parisa responds, "Enjoy your flight. At Contiki, Ashli and Parisa are placed on the same team, to their mutual displeasure. Dunbar tells Parisa he's happy she evicted Trisha, whom he did not like.

KellyAnne insists that she did. Parisa is relieved at Isaac's statements. Not wanting to continue hating Parisa, KellyAnne begins softening towards her, and apologizes to her. Ashli acknowledges she isn't privy to what went on before she moved in, and concedes Trisha's eviction was the result of what she did.

Isaac takes a nude dip in the house's human-sized fish tank. The cast enjoys a group dip in the hot tub. Dunbar has sex with Ashli, but they regret it the next day. Cohutta tells her that she must come to Georgia with him if she is with child. She is adamant that she does not want children. Meanwhile, following Dunbar and Ashli's sexual tryst which they continue to conceal from their housemates and relatives , their relationship experiences conflict when she perceives him to be disrespectful to her.

KellyAnne experiences her menstrual period , much to her relief. He continues to argue with her, concluding that she is the most immature of the women in the house, and that all of them are "stupid". At one point they get into a heated exchange of insults and profanities. She realizes that she no longer sees him as she did when she first moved in. Cohutta sprains his ankle. KellyAnne thinks it unprofessional of Dunbar to have informed some of the tourists that she is sleeping with Cohutta.

Sarah sends Dunbar and KellyAnne home for drinking. Isaac buys drinks for their tour if they give Dunbar's team a grade of zero. Cohutta says if he can hobble on one foot for three days, Dunbar and KellyAnne can abstain from drinking. Dunbar argues with a tourist, and when KellyAnne tells him not to, he dismisses her, and Cohutta admonishes both not to leave the group, for which KellyAnne is irritated with Cohutta the next day. Cohutta realizes that KellyAnne was right and apologizes. When Noirin suggests a four-month tour of Thailand, Isaac ponders the future of their relationship.

A shocking revelation on Isaac's part has the others questioning Isaac's character, and leads to tension between him and them. Parisa is forced to reevaluate her view of Alex, in light of her former conflict with Trisha. KellyAnne is nervous regarding her relationship with Cohutta, which also experiences conflict.

Ashli is enraged when Dunbar boasts to others that she performed oral sex on him twice. When she confronts him, he angrily calls her a "stupid bitch" and a "trash".

They later reconcile in an effort to leave the house as friends. Parisa gives each castmate a little gift before they say their good-byes. The Real World Sydney Reunion. She said Tony has a very handsome face but hes a disgusting person.

She likes Leroy but doesn't think hes dating material. She supports that Bananas did what he had to do to be the "King of Challenges" and that he has a lot of money cause he lived off his mom so he was able to save up A LOT and he now is set. She said that on Battle of the Seasons they were sent home cause one cast member "got ill" according to Production so they had to leave.

She said they never confirmed what the illness was or which cast member. She feels if they got to stay they would have won or made Finals at least and doesn't feel the team that won were that badass. She spoke of her recent break up with her boyfriend cause she wasn't happy and how she's battled depression etc.

Also about the removal of her breast implants and why she did it. One of her proudest moments was beating Rachel on the challenge years ago cause everyone thought Kellyanne would be done for but she is actually very fit and athletic and strong so she loved proving everyone wrong. She said she would consider coming back and they have reached out to her but she most times decides not to put herself in that corrupt environment and eat the food LOL. She said Coral is not mentioned any longer by cast or crew and she's most likely not coming back anyway, and Veronica came up a few times and she just said yes she knows her from that one challenge and change topics quickly lol.

There was more but I forgot. She was super awesome to listen to and very honest and open. She said that Wes was a rebound that lasted longer than it should have, and they both speak 2 to 3 times a year to catch up and always make sure the other is okay. She said she should have just kept him a friend but things happen and he does annoy her sometimes lol. She does not speak nor like Cohutta. Her pregnancy scare on her season was very real and that Production fined her cause she was too messy so they couldn't film her in her room until she cleaned it.

She speaks to Nehemiah almost everyday and she adores him to death. They spoke just this morning. She is all about female empowerment and feels that one of the issues she has with the challenges is that the women dont realize that they can be strong but instead get intimidated and give their power to the male players. She was asked about if she feels CT looks out of shape this season and she said that he is older and retaining water more.

Someone brought up Darrell being older and in better shape and she said DNA plays a big role in things like that too and that it may be easier for Darrell to stay in shape than CT and also black people tend to age better than white people, especially when they take care of themselves like Darell does lol. Also, CT is settled down now so he may not care as much about that. She loves Dario and thinks hes a complete stud but she would never actually have sex with him cause hes just a kid to her in her eyes.

Also if they did a Rivals she wouldn't wanna be paired with him, she didnt say why. She still speaks to Jamie and he has an amazing girlfriend. She said Jamie liked her as a partner more than his cousin Cara Maria cause CM goes crazy if you make a mistake and she's so focused on winning that if you make any error she flips lol.

Parissa is the only one from her season that she really speaks to. She never saw RW Las Vegas so she never got why people felt her pregnancy scare was a rip off of that season, she didnt even know of the Trishelle pregnancy scare until recently. She now lives in LA and although she loves her home state of TX she hates the closed mindedness of the people there so she keeps away. She also hates how overpopulated its becoming with Northerners and East Coast folks. She said the Bananas we see a douche is what he is.

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