Is bert mccracken and gerard way dating

is bert mccracken and gerard way dating

"Pretty Handsome Awkward" is the second single from The Used's third studio album, Lies for It was rumored that the track was written about My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, but Bert McCracken said that this is not true. Date(s): The original lineup included vocalist Bert McCracken, guitarist Quinn Allman, bassist before being acquired by MCR as their replacement drummer, and Gerard Way and Bert were known to be friends. 6) thank you to whomever posted the bertandgerard pic, because i do indeed consider bert part of gee's Tags: bert mccracken, eliza cuts, gerary way, lyn-z.

is bert mccracken and gerard way dating

Why aren't Gerard Way and Bert McCracken friends anymore?

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My Chemical Romance had style. But My Chemical Romance was the first group I covered that actually used that mythology for themselves. From album to album and show to show, MCR reinvented themselves across a multiverse of possibilities: They were soul-reaving vampires exacting revenge , the ghosts of a marching band returned to serenade you home , a gang of outlaw futurists using lasers and jazz hands to free the world from monochrome mediocrity.

They had artistic ambition in a rock era that actively discouraged it, and they pursued it passionately without even a dash of irony. In that, they were just part of a great tradition of hardworking, self-made dreamers to emerge from the swamps of New Jersey, a wallet chain that stretches from Springsteen to Snooki.

We were sitting on a balcony overlooking Milan at the time, because the music industry was absurd back then and would fly you to places like that to interview people like him. Gerard truly believed he was saving rock and roll by running around in the desert with a ray gun, but it was doubtful he could save his band from suffocation at the hands of a dying industry or the smothering embrace of fan expectation.

He still believed in rock stars, but he also very much believed in Batman. His hair was its natural black but his mood was bright. He was in his element, there to celebrate his idol turned pal Scottish surrealist Grant Morrison.

The event felt like a coming-out party for everything My Chemical Romance had screamed and bled about; it was a peaceful gathering of light-sensitive weirdos held in the shadows of the most garish place on earth. He and Mikey both talked animatedly about the sessions for their upcoming fifth album, which were well under way. But it did strike me that the larger battle had already finished. Gerard has a successful second career writing comics and movies and a pleasant life in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.

My Chemical Romance announced their breakup on Friday night. Instead they just posted a note on their blog and called it a day. Someday I will stop talking about Bert McCracken.

Today is not that day. Come on, he's a filthy drunken screaming hobo. How could I resist? Ignore, for a moment, the MCR mention. Ignore the Kelly Osbourne mention. Ignore that Bert is so stoned he can barely function. Ignore that Bert kisses Steven until Steven reminds him that he's dating a woman. Look at how hopelessly adorable Bert is when he's talking about his girlfriend at the end of the interview. I am dead from cute.

Sadly I don't have any pictures of them. When I Google-image-searched for "Bert McCracken engaged", there were no pictures of them together, though there plenty of pictures of Bert and Gerard together. I suspect this is her in the following video, but I don't know if anyone's said for certain that it is. This is one of The Used's hilarious homemade videos that makes no sense and is really just an excuse for all of them to act like idiots.

Or as my sister and I refer to such antics:

is bert mccracken and gerard way dating

Most of all, they were performers, using light humor and heavy makeup to celebrate the majesty and ridiculousness of first feelings: But My Chemical Romance was the first group I covered that actually used that mythology for themselves. Although the two did not like each other at first; McCracken says they eventually compromised and his friendship with Way made him into a better person. It was what he needed to become a rock star, he said, or at least to not feel like a fraud.

is bert mccracken and gerard way dating