His and hers espn dating

his and hers espn dating

Michelle Beadle's boyfriend, actor Steve Kazee, tells Marcellus Wiley and Max Kellerman what it is like living with Michelle. Jemele Hill was rumored to be dating Michael Smith, her co-host from His & Hers, in the past. She is dating an anonymous man at present. relationship with Michael Smith, her co-host from their ESPN show, His & Hers. She even co-hosted the channel's prominent television show, His & Hers and as at , she serves as a journalist for ESPN's website The Undefeated.

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Comment In married by Rahul sharma Jemele Hill is one of the renowned faces in the world of journalism, not because of her tough questions but because of the sense of humor. Now many of her fans are eager to know about her relationship status and to know if she is a married woman or still single. Though there were lots of rumor about her relationship with English actor Idris Elba , the thing is yet to be confirmed.

Well, let us find out if she is dating someone or if she is still single and focusing on her career. They knew each other for this long and because of this reason people often considers them a couple. When Michael came to know about the rumor he said that if we were ever in a relationship then our show would not have worked like that. So, guys, it's clear that they are not dating! Michael who is a father of his three children is living with his wife and has a very happy family.

Both of them are great friends and the rumor of their relationship was nothing but a hoax. Idris Elba- Jemele Hill's Dream Boyfriend Now many of you may be wondering about this rumor and thinking if it's true or not.

Well, it may be tad bit true, but only for Jemele as Idris never confirmed it himself. Most of the people are familiar with her professional career, but only a few know about her personal life. Her admirers often wonder about her dating affair, boyfriend, career, and net worth. Even her past relationship is unknown to a lot of people. However, rumors were buzzing around about her relationship with Michael Smith.

A post shared by Jemele Hill jemelehill on May 16, at 7: Fans started speculating her relationship with Michael Smith when she started posting some photos with him on social media. But later, in an interview, she revealed that she was dating Elba on her mind for two years.

It was clear that Hill was joking around about her relationship with Elba. Recently, she has uploaded a few pictures of her with an anonymous man. A post shared by Jemele Hill jemelehill on Jul 22, at 5: Jemele Hill having a cute moment with her unknown boyfriend The photo is quite suspicious and it looks like the duo is happily dating. The two have been seen together at many events and occasions so there might be a possibility that the two of them are dating.

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