Hermione and harry potter dating

hermione and harry potter dating

Throughout the many years covered by the seven Harry Potter books, Hermione and Ron fight, date other people, break up, make up, insult. The author admitted Hermione should have ended up with Harry, not Ron. First , a disclaimer: I love the Harry Potter books and films. In an interview with Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, Joanne Rowling stated that the reason for the.

hermione and harry potter dating

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Hermione is the "hostage" that Krum is to rescue. When Harry returns to the surface with Ron and also Gabrielle, Fleur's sister, Hermione and Viktor are close to each other, talking privately; Hermione breaks away from Krum briefly to check on Harry and Ron. Fleur is overjoyed at Gabrielle's rescue and gratefully kisses Harry, and also Ron, because he helped. Hermione is somewhat bothered by Fleur's attention to Ron, but is distracted by Viktor, who is apparently trying to retain Hermione's attention when she talks to Harry and Ron.

Shortly after, Rita Skeeter writes a scurrilous article for Witch Weekly suggesting Hermione is keeping both Harry and Viktor as lovers. Hermione wonders how Rita knew Viktor had invited her to visit him over the summer; Ron becomes upset at hearing about the invitation. A month before the Third Task , after surveying where the task will take place, Krum asks Harry to walk with him. Harry is amazed when Krum asks if Hermione is Harry's girlfriend, and Harry replies she most definitely is not; they are only friends, despite how much Hermione talks about him.

As the Beauxbatons' carriage is about to depart, Fleur bids Harry goodbye. Ron is once again almost completely tongue-tied in her presence, earning a vexed look from Hermione. Order of the Phoenix [ edit ] Hermione remains largely unattached throughout this book, though she seems to be constantly holding Ron to a high standard, trying to turn him into a better person.

It is mentioned that Hermione is writing to Viktor Krum, who Ron pettily persists in calling "Vicky". Hermione insists that he is only a pen-friend, but Ron darkly says that he would like to be a lot more than that.

Hermione flushes at this comment. As Ron is leaving breakfast for the Quidditch pitch, on the morning of his first-ever Quidditch match, Hermione kisses him on the cheek.

Ron seems bemused by this, rubbing the spot on his cheek as he leaves the Great Hall. Half-Blood Prince [ edit ] Fleur is living in the Weasley's house as she prepares for her wedding to Bill.

Ron, still dealing with the remnants of his infatuation with her, has mixed feelings about this development, as he seems to still be hoping for a kiss from her, but is totally abashed when she "jumps out at [him] unexpectedly, like then. Weasley and Ginny are not so pleased; she seems quite self-centered and doesn't seem to care for the feelings of the family very much. Hermione is upset by this as well; it seems that Ron's ongoing goofiness whenever Fleur is around is quite troubling to her.

Lavender Brown begins the school year openly flirting with Ron, much to Hermione's disgust. After a particularly terrible Quidditch practice, Ron and his sister Ginny have a row after he and Harry accidentally walk in on her snogging Dean Thomas in a Hogwarts hallway.

They have a screaming match in which Ginny accuses Ron of having absolutely no experience with girls. She says that Harry and Cho have been snogging, as have Hermione and Viktor Krum, and accuses Ron of being jealous because he's the only one presumably, of the Trio plus Ginny who doesn't have anyone to snog with. Since Ron is still smarting from watching Hermione being singled out by Krum, and their ongoing pen-pal relationship, he responds to Lavender's advances.

Their relationship is publicly and intensely physical — Harry at one point compares it to a vertical wrestling match, and at another point wonders which of several hands he can see belongs to whom. This causes a huge rift between Hermione and Ron that lasts several months during their 6th year. Hermione is somewhere between vexed and incensed at this relationship of Ron's, at one point summoning a flock of birds to attack Ron when he and Lavender barge in on her, evidently looking for a private place to snog.

Hermione, as an exceptional student, has been invited to join the "Slug Club", a group of students who periodically are asked to parties by Professor Slughorn. Slughorn has made a larger than usual effort for the Christmas party, and Hermione is expected to bring a guest, as is Harry who has also been courted for the Slug Club.

Hermione debates with herself, during Herbology class with Ron and Harry, who she will take to the Slug Club Christmas party. Ron eventually quietly asks if she will take him; she does not answer. This strategy backfires on her, as McLaggen keeps trying to maneuver Hermione under mistletoe at the party. She latches onto Harry once he arrives, as his date, Luna Lovegood , seems to have chosen to spend her time discussing conspiracy theories with Professor Trelawney.

On his birthday, Ron eats some chocolate cauldrons which have been spiked with love potion by Romilda Vane , who intended them for Harry. After receiving the antidote from Professor Slughorn , Ron is nearly killed by some poison intended for another victim, possibly Dumbledore.

Though they have been going through one of their stretches of estrangement before this, Hermione, deeply worried, stays by his bedside in the Hospital Wing his entire first day. It is likely significant that the first time Ron speaks coherently after being poisoned, it is immediately after the first time that Hermione, waiting at his bedside, has said something, and that what he says is her name.

She visits him frequently until he is fully recovered, and thereafter she and Ron mend their differences. After Ron's recovery, Ron's spell-checking quill goes wrong one day when doing homework and messes up an essay he is writing. Hermione unbends enough to offer to correct it for him. With a sigh of relief, Ron pushes his essay over to her, saying that he loves her.

Hermione blushes, but says only that he shouldn't let Lavender hear that. Harry now determines that he must use Felix Felicis potion to get a memory from Professor Slughorn. Under the influence of this potion, he decides to don his Invisibility Cloak and go visit Hagrid. As he, Ron, and Hermione descend from the boy's dormitory, they run into Lavender; she of course can't see Harry, and starts berating Ron for being up in his dormitory "alone with her" Hermione.

This is basically the lever Ron needs to end his relationship with her. By the close of this book, Ron and Hermione are almost a couple. Between the battle under the Astronomy tower and Dumbledore's funeral, we see what appears to be almost a double date, with apparent intimacy between Ron and Hermione as well as an intimate relationship between Ginny and Harry; and Ron and Hermione sit together at Dumbledore's funeral, where we also see them comforting each other.

Harry, who has received his own copy from Ron privately Ron says it's not for his mother 's eyes , notes him using the techniques in this book both on his own mother and on Hermione; Hermione seems pleased when Ron compliments her. Hermione is somewhat shocked when Viktor Krum shows up at Bill and Fleur's wedding; Fleur has invited him, and Hermione had not expected to see him there.

He, in turn, is disgruntled when Ron hauls Hermione away and onto the dance floor; it is obvious at this point that he had in fact been hoping she would be more than a pen-friend. Hermione and Ron are still on the dance floor when Kingsley Shacklebolt's Patronus arrives with news of the fall of the Ministry. There, as they turn in for the night, Hermione chooses to sleep beside Ron, holding hands with him for mutual comfort.

As the Trio escape from the Ministry, Ron is Splinched , and Hermione is desperate in her efforts to heal him. She seems almost as affected by Ron's injury as Ron is himself. During their search of the Horcruxes, especially after they retrieve Slytherin's Locket from Umbridge , the relationship between the friends is strained. Ron, who is used to having three daily meals and not doing much work, is especially put out by their continued, apparently aimless, peregrinations through the cold, wet British countryside.

His feelings are strengthened by the Locket, and, in a moment of rage when Harry admits not having a plan to find the Horcruxes, abandons the quest. His departure leaves Hermione in tears, and while they delay their departure the next morning in the hopes that Ron will return to their camp, eventually they decide that they must leave for the sake of their safety. Knowing that Ron will not be able to find them again, Hermione is devastated, and simply sits, sobbing, at their arrival point, leaving Harry to set the defensive spells around them.

By common unspoken agreement, Harry and Hermione do not discuss Ron's departure. Hermione retreats even further into her books, and Harry does not know how to console her. When Ron comes back, Hermione explodes with apparent rage, and starts to hit him with all her strength, the first show of irrationality from Hermione. Harry has to separate them with a Shield charm , whereupon Hermione physically seems to retreat into herself. In hopes that Hermione will relent, Harry explained that Ron just saved him from certain death.

She eventually does unwind, though Harry is a little surprised that she seems to not be moved by either Ron's saving Harry, or Ron's conquering the jealousy inspired by the Horcrux in its efforts to preserve itself. Rather, it is Ron's detailing his attempt to return, and his finding Harry and Hermione by means of the Deluminator , that cause her to relax a little. However, relations between the two are very strained for a few days. As part of the reconciliation process, Ron accedes immediately to Hermione's suggestion that they visit Xeno Lovegood , overriding Harry's caution, and guides them to the Lovegood house.

Betrayed by Xeno, the trio must escape from the Lovegood home. During the visit to the Lovegoods', and following the escape, Ron and Hermione seem to have fully reconciled their differences. When the Trio are captured and taken to Malfoy Manor , Hermione is kept apart from the others by Bellatrix Lestrange , who is torturing her in order to determine how they had found the Sword of Gryffindor.

Ron is frantic, shouting her name and pounding the walls, as her screams reduce him to sobs. Once freed from the dungeons, Ron concentrates his efforts on saving Hermione, and though she has been tortured nearly to the point of being unconscious, it seems that Ron's efforts do have some effect.

Surely, someone as well-versed in magic as Hermione could have whipped up a better, less risky solution to keep her parents safe? Luckily, her fire spell works and the boys are freed, but this incident unfortunately makes our normally level-headed Hermione look like a total ditz. Her behavior is so annoying that Harry eventually gives up on helping Hermione study for her O. Ls, which she needs to pass in order to graduate from Hogwarts.

Of course, studious Hermione is known to be an academic over-achiever, but Bill and Percy Weasley each get 12 O. Ls while they are at Hogwarts. Maybe considering a summer studying those two classes at another wizarding school? Or considering hiring a private tutor on the side? We all know that Hermione is smart and talented enough to figure out a solution to every problem if she wants it badly enough.

However, most of them are happy with their lot in life, aside from the woefully mistreated Dobby. Far from appreciating her efforts, the house-elves are offended and refuse to clean the common room because of this, Hermione has a reputation for caring about justice, fairness and equality, but her treatment of the house-elves is often condescending and tone-deaf. She should have consulted them before implementing her plans. Hermione is famous for constantly monopolizing the conversation in most social situations and also for lecturing her friends with her verbose, know-it-all-attitude.

However, it would have been really, really difficult for her to keep quiet whenever she runs into Ron during this period.

hermione and harry potter dating

Harry Potter should have married Hermione, admits JK Rowling

hermione and harry potter dating

Ron eventually quietly asks if she will take him; she does not answer. Using the memory charm seems like a rash tactic for Hermione to employ out of desperation rather than rational thought. The Harry Potter series is a brilliant, well-plotted story—which is why the tiny issues of time travel can prove so frustrating. Ron is frantic, shouting her name and pounding the walls, as her screams reduce him to sobs.