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Greg finley and natalie hall dating sim it seems that you are taking the thinking outside the box. With all due respect, Professor Boyd, your argument is not at all. As we covered last week, Taylor (Natalie Hall) discovers this week that she's pregnant with her ex, Drake (Greg Finley)'s, baby — and since the. GREG: I am honored. It's really cool. I think it says something about Natalie [Hall]. I've never had more chemistry with an actress before.

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Here's the synopsis of tonight's episode, courtesy of the CW. It's not like it would be any better if Taylor were the one getting kidnapped, but considering that Roman is all set to be Iksen an Atrian leader when he comes of age, we foresee gigantic personal and political drama ahead.

Star-Crossed Episode 10: Is Romery Already Over?! (PHOTOS)