Dino morea and lara dutta dating

dino morea and lara dutta dating

Apr 26, He's got a grouse on his mind and no, it isn't taking up cudgels with ex-friend Dino Morea who was rumoured to have stolen old flame actor. Kelly Dorjee & Lara Dutta In fact Kelly openly admitted to Stardust magazine that Dino Morea shouldnt have done what he did, leaving no secrets barred. Well . May 21, Scandal Flashback: Lara Dutta-Kelly Dorji-Dino Morea Love Triangle Initially they did not accept that they were dating but after Lara entered.

Dino Morea dating Lara Dutta?

dino morea and lara dutta dating

In no committed relationship Sighs the actress, "If there was really something to talk about, I would have. In spite of the fights, Lara once said, "He Kelly is one of the most stable and secure men you could ever get. After Kelly, I don't need to get into a relationship just to fill a vacuum in my life. The duo apparently started to date each other at this time.

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Dino morea and lara dutta dating - Dating History

Even before they came out with their relationship, Lara Dutta and Dino Morea have decided to move their separate ways. I'm just being taken through the grind, I guess. When I stepped into the film industry, I felt it was demeaning to pretend Kelly didn't exist in my life. I'm not that kind of a person. No one can do that. I'm at a stage in my life where I don't need or want frivolous relationships. I don't believe in casual dating. Like any girl, I want to find a man whom I can settle down with.

I had someone very lovely in my life. After Kelly, I don't need to get into a relationship just to fill a vacuum in my life. I have a great support system around me, a lovely family and friends.

I'm not looking at getting into a relationship to pass time. People tell me that any boyfriend of mine would die a thousand deaths every minute because of the kind of lifestyle I lead.

Lara's link ups to Abhishek Bachchan did not help either. This was the time the duo decided to put a full stop to the relationship. At this point entered Dino Morea, rumours started to rise that Lara and Dino were dating, although the couple denied it, Kellu confirmed it and created a big ruckus in front of the media accusing them of betrayal. A big scandal took place when Lara decided to back out of it, altogether. Years later she ended up marrying Mahesh Bhupathi and took a break from Bollywood and it's scandals.

Here is the complete details as to what happened When Lara Met Kelly Lara Dutta met Kelly Dorjee during her struggling days in modelling, at which time Kelly was already established and was even the winner of Gladrags male model contest. Lara-Kelly Relatonship Initially the duo never accepted but after her Miss India contests and subsequently winning the Miss Universe title, they were pretty open about the relationship. Lara even accepted how much Kelly helped her career.

Kelly's Insecurities Lara and Kelly started to have a lot of fights and his failing career did not help much either.