Ash and may dating stories

ash and may dating stories

Aug 8, May has been feeling something for Ash ever since they met, and tonight, she finally convinced him to watch the stars with her. But when. Nov 12, Ash has won his first gym badge in the Hoenn region to everyone cheering for him even May so he came over to her and asked "Would you like. Feb 15, Ash and May Love Story Chapter 1 Ash couldn't bear the thought of May dating Drew so he got up and sat up next to the fire as he watched.

ash and may dating stories

Pikachu trotted over, dressed up in a tiny little tuxedo. As Ash tried to sleep that night he couldn't stop thinking about May he tossed and turned trying to sleep but every time he closed his eyes thoughts about May just kept coming up What if May doesn't feel the same way or what if she has found someone else or even worse what if she started dating Drew that would be the worst.

ash and may dating stories

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He started to doze off instantly. By the time May walked out of the bathroom, Ash was already asleep. She then went to bed. She then decided to check if Ash was still asleep. She walked over to Ash, who was still sleeping. She then drifted off into sleep. Ash woke up to Max staring at him with an angry expression.

What is she doing? I didn't sleep with her. I fell asleep before she even got her pajamas on. When she woke up, she rubbed her eyes before she saw Max. But seriously,'' He sat up straighter. I get this really funny feeling when you're gone. I'm always worried about you.

It's like I was your father or something! He really doesn't know what love is, does he? Do you think I'm pretty? He looked like he wanted to say something so badly, but he just couldn't, maybe because he was too nervous?

Make a wish, May! I curled up in his arms, and watched the rest of the shooting stars pass the earth, always never seeming to come close to it. Are the shooting stars and the earth just like me and Ash?

I could not stand to be away from your beauty for five minutes! A rather confused green-haired boy glanced up at her. Alas, they stopped just forty feet off the ground, too high for even the amazing, wonderful Drew to reach.

That's when she noticed who was flying next to Drew. Beautifly and I are engaged! He then flicked his hair because he was Drew and he could. May's mouth fell open. Drew shrugged and led Beautifly into town for their first date. Her old friend looked up from the newspaper he was pretending to read in an attempt to make himself look like less of a moron. It didn't work very well, as he was holding it upside down.

He was conveniently in Johto because of a long story involving pie, penguins, and a UFO.