Are oliver sim and romy dating

are oliver sim and romy dating

The xx (l-r) Jamie Smith, Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim. When the three of them make music together, it's immediately clear who you're. The xx singer Romy Madley Croft has announced her engagement to This comes after fellow xx member Oli Sim recently spoke out about his. with tension between vocalists Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim. but childhood friends (they both also happen to be gay) — the ache not.

are oliver sim and romy dating

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But it is incredibly cathartic as well. What was it like writing that? I was trying not to write so much about heartache on this album. What you were thinking at that moment? We actually moved the video back a little bit just to give it some space. Has any of that influenced your music? Yeah the world is a crazy place right now. It has been quite extreme for me. I find I get quite anxious traveling. Touring in the U. But then seeing all the people in the audience, it gives me courage.

My dad said something so nice to me, after Brexit before the elections. I remember speaking to him and feeling incredibly down.

So we have stayed away from using pronouns or time or place because I want people wherever they are, whenever, to be able to connect.

I think there are some people that would appreciate me basically speaking up a bit more, especially people in the queer community. Gay relationships also play a big role in a lot of your newer music videos, and on social media, you regularly promote your partnerships with LGBTQ charities. It gives me a lot of courage to be more visible. But now hearing that it does mean things to young people, to be open about your sexuality, is wonderful.

We were pretty private about most things in our lives at that point. How does it feel to address that in a song? For however many years it took to write this album, a lot of stuff came to the surface about my addictions and my drinking and yeah, it came into the music.

Another thing that my dad has taught me is that the one way you can combat shame is just talking about it. Putting it into a song is that times a million. But it really has helped me. But primarily without sounding selfish, it was for myself. Is it tough being sober on tour?

Sobriety is definitely hard. But you know I found things like performing—performing is the greatest high of all. I think just confidence. We're in the audience. We've learned a lot and the next album we're not going to do it like that. We were all in very different places, even geographically at times. But we're all best friends. So we just needed to learn that and work it out. Talking to strangers, after all, is part of the gig. Having to interact in the world and not be in your little bubble in London.

A result, both lyricists say, of their satisfying private lives. I know I can write about heartbreak but can I write about other themes? And Oliver and I wrote a lot of things together, which was very new for us. I guess that's a sign of confidence. We're not wallowing on sad times or anything.

It feels like fun.

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are oliver sim and romy dating

My dad said something so nice to me, after Brexit before the elections. What you were thinking at that moment? We've grown as individuals, and the friendship between the three of us has changed.

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are oliver sim and romy dating