Are munro and aislinn dating 2013 spike

are munro and aislinn dating 2013 spike

Munro and Aislinn broke the kiss but stood there for a moment holding That or maybe he felt obligated too since the waiter said date. . be to close to Spikes storyline" He paused for a moment then continued part of our cast until , giving us a chance to birth the baby and move on with the story line. Jajube Mandiela, Samantha Munro, Scott Paterson, Aislinn Paul, and Natty . dressing and dating who she likes, against her conservative parents' wishes. - Updated: Feb 20, - Published: Sep 14, - Status: Complete - id: . "It's date night for the parents and Jake has a date too, so no one will notice if I'm not home." . He spiked his hair up again, and then took Clare gently by the elbow pulling her to him for 3) Luke and Munro compete for Aislinn.

Are munro and aislinn dating 2013 spike - Dating History

Aislinn is a great kisser on the show, but when I kissed her out side her door it was completely different. She wasn't great, she was incredible! I wish she kissed me like that on the show…ahhh get a hold of yourself!

My thoughts quickly brought me back. It's so easy to forget Aislinn is only sixteen. She seems so much older by the way she carries herself. But she's sixteen, and I am twenty. I can't help but feel bad for liking someone so much younger than me. There is no way she feels the same towards me. I just hope I didn't mess things up between us. I rested my head and decided to get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be interesting, and I need all the rest I can get.

I don't care what they think! They've seen me make bad decisions my whole life, they're just worried! I think that's exactly what you meant!

Jordan walked back onto the set of Fiona's condo and approached Annie with arms wide open. I'm sorry i had to yell at you! Annie laughed "I forgive you Jordy! Everyone found it ironic that Jordan played the role of a transgender when in reality she was the girliest out of all the girls. Jordan noticed Aislinn arriving and rapidly approached her startling her with a hug.

We haven't had a scene together in days! I miss hanging out with you! Did you just get here? I know, You should come over!

She really liked Jordan, she was her best friend on set. Jordan pretended to weep like a little girl then laughed, "I guess there's always next time" She hugged Aislinn then walked off. Aislinn sat down on a near by couch and waited for it to be time for her scene.

She was so busy playing with her phone, she didn't realize someone had sat next to her. He finally found what he was looking for so he read it out loud. Aislinn couldn't help but laugh "So you check everyone's tweets but you never tweet yourself? Munro laughed and pulled out his phone "not everyone's…. Munro and Aislinn walked over to the set and followed Stephen's instructions.

Their scene wasn't so big today so they get to go home early. They where finishing up their intimate scene, all they had left to film was the morning after. So that required for Munro to be shirtless, and for Aislinn to wear a tube top, which would be covered by blankets to make it seem like if they where nude. They both hoped things wouldn't be awkward.

Clare began to wake up taking in her surroundings. She eyed the room up and down soon realizing it was Eli's. She looked over at him, and saw that he was sleeping peacefully.

She lightly shook him and called his name. Eli" Clare spoke as she caressed his face. Eli slowly began to open his eyes "Good morning beautiful" he said as he pulled her down to give her a light kiss. Clare snuggled closer to him "I was going to suggest we get some breakfast, but I changed my mind. I want to enjoy this as much as I can. She looked at him with loving eyes and smiled "I'd like that" Eli smiled and held her tighter "So how did you like your first night at Hotel Eli?

Think you'll be coming back? Clare looked at him and smirked "I might just buy property" she said, as she got closer Eli smirked "why buy when you already own" he said then closed the distant between them.

Stephen walked over to them and continued. There are a few things I want to run past you guys" He smiled and sprinted across to the snack table. They both looked at each other the same question playing on their minds. Your information also may be disclosed as required by law, such as on a winners list. When we provide these products or services, we may give you the opportunity to opt-in to the additional sharing of information with these businesses.

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Similarly, you can learn about your options to opt-out of mobile app tracking by certain advertising networks through your device settings and by resetting the advertiser ID on your Apple or Android device. Halawen Yeah I think the title says it. I guess this is slightly AU. Clare is a little ooc. Rated M for sexual content and language Rated: Some Fun Behind the Field Drew pulled her to him by the waistband of her skirt and kissed her lips softly; his tongue darted out and licked at her lips.

She opened her mouth and greeted his tongue with her own. She lifted his shirt and began gently dragging her bubblegum colored nails across his toned abs. He moaned softly, releasing his hold on her waist band putting an arm behind her back to bring her in closer. He used his free hand to unbutton the first few buttons of her blouse, exposing her amethyst colored bra and the most beautiful cleavage Drew had ever seen. Seeing the silky smooth milky skin of her breasts Drew broke away from her mouth only to start kissing every inch of her exposed bosom.

Clare moaned and tilted her head back with pleasure. She put a hand behind his head holding him there, while her free hand traced around the waist band of his Jeans and scratched gently at his flesh. She felt his stiffness through his jeans and thrust her hips against his, causing him to let out a husky rasping moan. Drew responded by freeing both of his hands and firmly grabbing her ass, lifting her from the floor.

She happily obliged and wrapped her legs around his waist. Drew started kissing up her neck while carrying her to a nearby table. He set her down gently on the edge and continued to kiss around her jaw line while unbuttoning the rest of her blouse. When the last button had released he gently kissed her belly. Clare shivered with delight and let out a soft moan, deciding that if she was going to be half naked so should he. She took her hands from Drew's abdomen and chest and gripped at his shirt pulling it off in one swift motion.

She couldn't help but smile at the chiseled form in front of her. She pushed him back from kissing up and down her flesh and leaned in kissing his left nipple. Drew let out a shocked bet pleased moan at the feel of her silky lips grazing his nipple. He put his knee in between hers, willing her to open her legs and she obliged. Placing his hands at the small of her back he moved her forward so that her butt came to the edge of the table. She put a hand to the back of his head, teasing his short hair with her nails.

She leaned up and crushed her lips to his again. Once again she felt as though they were making electricity with their kisses. Their tongues dancing, their lips brushing each other. Drew gently laid Clare down on the table, never breaking from kissing her. He pressed his denim clad groin to her cotton clad one and began rubbing against her.

Clare let out a gentle moan. Drew moved his hips faster and faster. Soon Clare's hips were moving in unison with his.

They both were moaning softly but never parted their lips from each other. Clare continued to run her finger through his spiky hair with one hand while scratching nails into his back flesh with the other. Drew used his hands to keep her body fully and completely pressed to his. In that moment he never wanted her silky soft porcelain skin to be apart from his again. After several minutes Clare began to tremble slightly, "Mmmm Drewwww" She sighed as she released. Drew released just a few seconds later and they collapsed breathless.

After a couple minutes of catching his breath on Clare's perfect breasts, he moved his head and kissed her navel gently. At the touch of his lips on her flesh Clare let out a small giggle. It was the most perfect giggle Drew had ever heard. Sultry, sexy, yet sweet and innocent all at once, the laugh of an angel he was sure.

are munro and aislinn dating 2013 spike

Rated M for sexual content and language Rated: Tomorrow is going to be interesting, and I need all the rest I can get.

are munro and aislinn dating 2013 spike