Are andrea boehlke and matt elrod dating

are andrea boehlke and matt elrod dating

I love spoilers, but “Survivor: Redemption Island” is extra tricky because of aka Benry from “Survivor: Nicaragua”) and Matt Elrod (who looks like Fabio Andrea and Matt seem to be the couple of the season.) Natalie Tenerelli – – Of course all the talk is about her because of dating Benry, did she talk?. Matt elrod and andrea boehlke dating +Andrea Boehlke reddit AMA - May After defeating six consecutive opponents, elrod returned to. Matt andrea survivor dating - Find a man in my area! Free to Goliath cast blurb 'survivor: matt elrod, courtroom to abort him on 'survivor: cancermotisys.

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However, Mike Chiesl started to bond with Andrea and Matt and wanted them to jump over to the Zapatera alliance, promising to take both to the end. While Andrea considered the option, she grew fearful when Matt told Rob about the plan. Rather than suffer repercussions, she decided to join her Ometepe alliance in blindsiding Matt for a second time, sending him back to Redemption Island.

But her physical abilities combined with her social skills made her a threat, and once the Zapateras had all been eliminated, Andrea found herself toward the bottom of the Ometepe alliance. Even though she was the underdog on Redemption Island, facing off against strong physical male competitors, Matt and Mike, and then later Grant, Andrea won both duels she competed in and returned to the game on Day Her back was against the wall, but she tried everything she could to get the girls, Ashley Underwood and Natalie Tenerelli , to vote out Rob or Phillip.

But the tribe remained loyal to Rob he had an idol anyway , and Andrea was again voted out, , and became a member of the jury where she voted for Rob to win in the end over Natalie and Phillip.

Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites After being a passive player for the majority of Redemption Island, Andrea came into her second season wanting to play a more aggressive and strategic game. She also worked on building a relationship with outsider and crazy-man Brandon Hantz, while also planting seeds to blindside her own alliance mate Corinne.

This was definitely a different Andrea. Andrea ended up on the Gota tribe after the tribe swap, where she maintained a Favorite majority with Malcolm, Brenda Lowe, and Erik Reichenbach. The Gota tribe was comprised of strong physical players, and they were able to win all the post-swap immunity challenges, keeping Andrea safe until the merge.

Andrea persuaded Brenda and Erik to jump on board with the plan and Corinne was eliminated But Andrea had been developing a bond with Eddie Fox, a relationship that had shades of her friendship with Matt Elrod, except here Andrea was using Eddie strictly for information. Because of her relationship with Eddie, Andrea was able to determine that she was the next target, and fearing an idol play, she convinced her alliance, plus Sherri Biethman, to vote out Michael Snow as a safe bet.

She was now in a vulnerable position but was determined to keep the remaining Stealth R Us members together to vote out Malcolm and Reynold.

The reward that Andrea won was a clue to a hidden idol, she shared the clue with her alliance, and they went looking. Erik found it and handed it to Andrea. Seeing Brenda as a threat down the line, Andrea tried to convince her alliance to blindside Brenda, but instead, Reynold was deemed a more immediate threat and was eliminated.

Back at camp after tribal council, Andrea continued to push for Brenda to go home next and even suggested to Cochran that Dawn needed to go soon too. Her willingness to blindside, combined with her idol and friendship with Eddie, became a concern for others. Cochran started to grow suspicious that Andrea wanted to bring Eddie to the final three over himself, and so he approached Dawn, Brenda, and Sherri about blindsiding Andrea. These people are playing the game: Redemption Island Leave a comment I like having another Fabio to stare at, but this one needs to stop showing off his undies.

Who does he think he is, Chase? He flirted with Andrea Boehlke 2. The very limited and probably wrong spoilers out there have said that Matt is part of a core alliance that does well. There were even mutterings that he might make the final 3. I love how big you're playing, Kristina, but now you have no idol and no allies.

I feel like the Matt decision may come back to haunt Rob. Maybe he should just call her Fran. Or wild idea vote out a weak player so your tribe might actually start winning a few challenges. Meanwhile, Russell Hantz has turned into the clown of his own season. Ralph now has an idol. He found it without a clue while … uh … looking for rocks? Russell has an idol clue. Does he have the clue to the idol that was already found? How many idols are out there? Why does it look like any other beach?

Has Julie Wolfe even said one word? How about my boy David Murphy? Move the cameras off Rob for a second, please!

are andrea boehlke and matt elrod dating

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are andrea boehlke and matt elrod dating

We are both from the south, we were raised a lot alike and we share a lot of similarities. She was now in a vulnerable position but was determined to keep the remaining Stealth R Us members together to vote out Malcolm and Reynold. Krista Klumpp says there was no love spat between her and opposing tribe mate Andrea Boehlke over her Redemption Island buddy Matt Elrod.

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