America cup race 17 and 18 dating

america cup race 17 and 18 dating

Date. Day. Time. Time. Time. Time. tue. . IBSF NORTH AMERICAN CUP / Race Organizer. Ted Turner: America's Cup traditionalist believes racing should be in monohulls not catamarans . “To date we have not received any information from Emirates Team .. Land Rover's Human Machine Interface engineers spent 18 months .. TEAM USA has revealed its new America's Cup Class boat, Outside of the America's Cup races, there is plenty of other action scheduled in June including: the J Class. Regatta; the Red P RE-DATING THE MODERN OLYMPICS BY 45 YEARS, Match presented by Louis Vuitton on June 17, , the trophy will be . APPLICATION FORM. AMERICA'S CUP SUPERYACHT .

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We got a good race against every team. But both races against Team New Zealand were pretty impressive. Once OTUSA won the start, Groupama failed to catch up and even acquiring a penalty by going out of the sailing boundary. Halfway through the race though, OTUSA clearly began to hold back as a zipper burst open revealing the controls for the wing.

We had an issue, a bit of a failure in the wing. But that can happen. Kyle Langford, wing trimmer did a good job, put a bit of a Band-Aid on it and we were able to get through the race. But from that point on we were kind of in delivery mode. With all of the boats going back into the shed tonight you can guarantee a fleet of newly developed and untested boats that will continue to push the sailing boundaries.

My view hasn't changed on that. Barker was able to hold this lead to the finish to take the series to 1—7. September 17[ edit ] High winds postponed racing on day seven. Both teams were keen to race, and headed out to the starting area. However the start time for the first race was pushed back several times due to the September 18[ edit ] Team New Zealand led all the way to win race eleven by 15 seconds, to move to match point in the race for the Cup.

During the pre-start, Barker maneuvered in front of Spithill and then delayed both boats from crossing the start line until well after the gun had gone. Oracle performed well on the upwind beat, but Team New Zealand covered well, and the boats rounded opposite marks 17 seconds apart. At the final mark, Barker kept Aotearoa between Oracle and the mark, and the rounding was well below the usual speed. Team New Zealand were able to accelerate away leaving Oracle almost stationary in the water on the sprint to the finish line, taking the score to 1—8.

The postponement came at the same as the boats hit the start line. Barker had perfected a time on distance sprint to the line, to obtain a lead on the way to the reach mark. The boats made their way back to the starting area, but the wind and the strong outgoing tide combined to confirm the postponement of racing for the day.

September 19[ edit ] Barker was aggressive in the pre-start phase of the first race of Day 9. It did not pay off, and Spithill was able to get into a position where Team New Zealand was forced to keep clear. From that lead off the start line, Oracle led the whole race to win race twelve by 31 seconds.

During the upwind leg, Oracle's performance was excellent. Oracle gained their second point to take the score to 2—8. At one point the teams were able to enter the starting box, but the wind then exceeded the limit again. Racing was then postponed for the day, allowing Oracle to keep alert for another day. September 20[ edit ] Day ten brought the lightest winds seen in the 34th America's Cup.

The start of the first race was pushed back by five minutes, due to the need to shift one of the marks on the start line. The first downward leg was very different from the rest of the racing, as neither boat was able to sail on its foils.

Aotearoa appeared to be the stronger boat in the light breeze, and rounded the leeward gate 1: The New Zealand boat continued to extend their lead during the third leg and the main concern turned to whether they would be able to cross the finish line within the 40 minute race limit. Spithill attempted to hook Barker during the pre start to gain advantage, but Barker managed to prevent Oracle from gaining the overlap.

Team New Zealand led over the line, and took a 3-second lead around the reach mark. The pivotal moment of the race came towards the end of the second leg. Team New Zealand were slightly ahead and tried to cross in front of Oracle who had the starboard tack advantage. Spithill had to evade the Kiwi boat, and gained a penalty for the infraction. With the boats still close heading into the leeward gate, Barker fluffed his lines, and Aotearoa ended up being forced to jibe twice in quick succession.

Oracle sped away to begin the third leg leaving the Kiwis almost non-moving. That effectively caused the result the race, and Oracle confirmed their third point by 1: The New Zealanders' largest defeat of the Cup to date brought the score to 3—8. September 21[ edit ] It had rained earlier in the day, with wind from the south, about 90 degrees from the desirable direction, at the time day eleven racing was scheduled to be undertaken.

The race committee pushed the start back several times, hoping that the wind would turn enough to allow racing. This did not happen by the start cut off time, and weather again forced postponement of the day's racing. September 22[ edit ] Racing on the 22nd of September brought the America's Cup into its third week, equalling the previous longest regatta in Cup history, the 31st America's Cup. A whale was also spotted in San Francisco Bay, bringing enough of a concern that it was tracked to ensure it would not affect racing.

Starting in the leeward position, Spithill again luffed Barker hard substantially past the reach mark. This set up a strong lead for the first downwind beat. On the upwind leg Team New Zealand were able to close the lead, and at one point had to dip under the American boat. However, they could not utilise the advantage to enough effect, and Oracle led well around the top mark. Team New Zealand once again closed the lead about halfway down the fourth leg, but could not make the pass.

Oracle won by 23 seconds, to bring the score to 4—8. A huge downwind leg from the American boat saw them round the leeward gate 1 minute ahead of Team New Zealand. Team New Zealand did not give up, and were able to cut Oracle's lead in half by the windward gate, but were unable to make up the rest of the gap.

Oracle had their best day in the race yet, winning both races to bring the score to September 23[ edit ] The start of race sixteen was delayed for 30 minutes while the race committee waited for the wind to increase. Emirates Team New Zealand took the leeward position at the start line but Oracle Team USA was able to sail on their foils, and sailed over on top of the New Zealand boat to lead by five seconds at the reach mark.

Oracle sailed conservatively downwind gaining a second lead for the fourth mark, which they extended to 33 seconds by finish line. It was Oracle's 5th straight win. September 24[ edit ] Race seventeen saw two penalties at the start against Emirates Team New Zealand.

america cup race 17 and 18 dating

2017 America's Cup

america cup race 17 and 18 dating

During the regatta, the sailors wore helmets and breathing devices in case they were trapped underneath the boats. The 29 second lead at the top mark was held by Team New Zealand all the way to the finish. Needless to say, there was no love lost between Spithill and Barker, the Kiwi skipper.

america cup race 17 and 18 dating

america cup race 17 and 18 dating

america cup race 17 and 18 dating